Applicant tracking systems are invaluable tools for any successful HR team.

The numbers don’t lie: Per Capterra, 75% of recruiters use ATS software, and 94% of them say it’s improved their hiring process.

Yet if you’re just getting started scaling your hiring process, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

In this article, we’ll explain exactly what is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), how it works, and the benefits it offers to your hiring team. You’ll also learn what separates great ATS tools from subpar ones, so you can get the most out of your applicant tracking system and make better-quality hires.

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Responding To The Challenge

These statistics reveal that your company can expect to face heavy competition for potential candidates in the coming year. If you hope to capitalize on opportunities to bring in top talent, you must reexamine your recruitment process. Otherwise, top talent will never make it through the hiring funnel but will instead be scooped up by competitors.

While there are many ways to enhance your recruitment and hiring processes, the most pragmatic solution is to invest in an applicant tracking system (ATS). Applicant tracking software is designed to empower hiring managers, increase oversight of the recruitment process, and enhance your ability to identify the best candidates.

If your organization has been exploring ways to hire smarter and faster, an applicant tracking system could be the solution you're looking for.

What Is An ATS?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a hiring software tool that helps employers collect, filter, and assess candidate data. ATS software automates the more menial, error-prone aspects of recruiting — like resume scanning and candidate screening — so employers can make better, faster hires.

Almost 99% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS. See our Complete Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems.

What else can an ATS System do?

However, an ATS system does much more than simply facilitate the creation of virtual candidate files. Top applicant tracking systems enable your hiring managers to compile data in a comprehensive candidate database. Hiring managers can use this candidate database to prioritize prospects based on customizable search criteria, including experience, certifications, skills, assessment scores, and other attributes.

A dynamic applicant tracking system can also create an auditable trail of communications between the hiring staff and candidates. This capability insulates your business from liability while streamlining the hiring and recruitment process.

Perhaps most importantly, applicant tracking systems leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to facilitate the automation of various screening and hiring tasks. Whereas automation technologies were once a rarity in the software space, they are quickly becoming a staple of business software. According to a Gartner report, 90% of technology vendors will provide their clients with access to some form of process automation technology by 2024. These technologies include applicant tracking systems.

Your competitors will have access to automation technologies very soon — if they don't already. If you want to level the playing field during the hiring and recruitment process, you need to leverage an applicant tracking system with automation technology.

How Do Applicant Tracking Systems Work?

Most applicant tracking system software tools embed seamlessly into your hiring process through a mix of AI and workflow integrations. Whether a candidate is applying for a job opening, prepping for an interview, or receiving an offer letter, an ATS is likely behind the scenes, automating the work.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) facilitates every facet of the recruitment and hiring process. The best applicant tracking systems enable job seekers to fill out an application via a user-friendly online interface without requiring them to navigate a lengthy profile creation process. This feature eliminates friction and encourages more job seekers to submit applications.

Once job seekers submit their applications, the hiring team can review the submissions, contact candidates, request more information, assign assessments, or arrange interviews. As job seekers navigate the recruitment process and complete assigned tasks, their profiles will be updated within the applicant tracking system. The ATS software will automatically compile detailed information about each candidate, including test scores and a list of qualifications and skills.

94% of hiring managers say using an ATS has improved their hiring process. See our article: 15 Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

Integration With Other Tools

A top applicant tracking system like Discovered also integrates with job boards. This function enables your organization to easily post detailed job descriptions on multiple job boards so that you can reach a wider pool of candidates.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 260,000 job seekers were hired in November 2022 alone. Naturally, not all job applicants are a good fit for your business. However, you should reach as many potential job applicants as possible if you want to connect with top candidates.

Wouldn't you rather be able to choose from 5,000 candidates rather than 50? Of course you would — provided that you had a means of quickly identifying top candidates. Applicant tracking systems enable you to screen hundreds of candidates without rushing through the recruitment process or compromising your hiring standards.

Why Do Hiring Managers Need An ATS?

Hiring managers need ATS software because this technology enables them to efficiently sort through applicant data to identify and vet relevant candidates. Applicant tracking system software enables your recruiting staff to hire faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Conversely, attempting to hire the old-fashioned way can hinder long-term business growth.

It is no secret that hiring decisions have a huge impact on your business. However, you might not realize just how severe the consequences of mis-hires can be.

If your hiring staff brings in the wrong candidate, you could incur thousands in lost productivity — not to mention the dozens of labor hours spent on candidate sourcing and screening. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the hard costs associated with hiring the wrong candidate are approximately $4,700. SHRM also suggests that the soft costs associated with hiring bad candidates can be as high as three to four times that individual's annual salary.

Fortunately, you can insulate your business from the risks associated with mis-hiring by investing in Discovered ATS, the best applicant tracking system on the market. By leveraging Discovered ATS, your hiring manager will be able to:

Pro Tip: Discovered is a market-leading applicant tracking system that handles the toughest hiring needs. Use its customizable dashboard and powerful workflow automations to streamline your candidate pipeline and hire the best talent, faster.


Source The Most Qualified Candidates

The first step to hiring the best candidates is connecting with them. In a talent acquisition benchmarking report, SHRM compiled a multitude of statistics to shed light on the various strategies for sourcing candidates.

Researchers spoke with 1,749 business leaders who were either involved with or in charge of their organizations' hiring and recruitment processes. SRHM asked respondents which tools they used to facilitate candidate sourcing. The most common responses were:

  • Job boards (71%)
  • Employee referrals (90%)
  • Company websites (85%)
  • Informal networking (53%)

Regardless of which combination of applicant sourcing methods you leverage to connect with top talent, you must provide these prospects with a frictionless method of submitting their applications.

Applicant tracking systems make it easy for candidates to start the hiring process. You can integrate your applicant tracking system with job boards and your company website in order to streamline recruitment. This integration will allow you to source candidates from multiple funnels so that you can increase your odds of finding the best prospects.

Pro Tip: Use ATS features in combination with pre-employment assessment tools to reduce personal biases and objectively identify the best candidates for the role.


Increase Applicant Engagement

According to LinkedIn, 70% of the workforce consists of passive candidates. Passive candidates are not actively job hunting, but they may be open to exploring new positions. In fact, LinkedIn researchers found that 87% of passive and active candidates are open to promising career opportunities.

Applicant tracking systems enable you to connect with both active and passive candidates by increasing candidate engagement. An applicant tracking system makes it easier for candidates to apply for an opportunity that catches their attention. A simple application process can inspire candidates to apply — even if they are not actively looking to change organizations. Conversely, if applying to a job posting is tedious and time-consuming, passive candidates are not likely to submit a resume.

Can an ATS actually check references for you? See our article: 15 Applicant Tracking System Features to Look For


Streamline The Hiring Process

According to LinkedIn, the median time to hire ranges from a low of 33 days to a high of 49 days. The length of your hiring process depends largely on the industry you operate within, the size of your business, and what technologies you leverage to streamline recruiting and candidate screening.

A long, inefficient hiring process will hinder business productivity, as important positions will remain unfilled for weeks or months. Inefficient hiring will also diminish the candidate experience and give other businesses the opportunity to step in and snag top talent.

While there are many ways to expedite the hiring process, implementing an applicant tracking system is undoubtedly one of the most pragmatic. The best applicant tracking system, Discovered ATS, can significantly reduce your hiring time and help you fill important vacancies fast.


Reduce The Workload On The Hiring Team

To say that most hiring teams are inundated with resumes is an understatement. According to Glassdoor, corporate job postings garner an average of 250 resumes each. While only a few of these candidates will receive a job interview, hiring personnel must still filter resumes in order to determine which applicants should be advanced through the recruitment process.

An applicant tracking system features tools to facilitate efficient resume parsing. These resume parsing tools use machine learning and artificial intelligence to sort candidates, identify top contenders, and streamline the applicant vetting process.

When you deploy an applicant tracking system, your hiring staff will no longer have to scan resumes manually. Instead, they can let the AI technology review each candidate's resume while they focus on more dynamic tasks.

Paying for an ATS by the employee can cost as little as $2 per employee per month. See our article: Applicant Tracking System Cost


Enhance Organizational Competitiveness

Who you hire matters. A great candidate will be able to fulfill the responsibilities of their assigned position and add value to your organization. They will have a positive impact on the team as a whole, increasing the productivity of those around them.

Conversely, an employee who gossips, acts rudely toward coworkers, or otherwise introduces negativity to the workplace can drastically reduce productivity. This is not pure conjecture, but rather a fact that has been supported by multiple research studies.

For instance, a 2018 study revealed that "negative gossips" and "abusive supervision" contributed to emotional exhaustion — another term for burnout. Researchers also found that mis-hiring supervisors was particularly detrimental to organizational productivity. Specifically, researchers determined that supervisory staff who exhibited abusive or negative behavior caused an increase in absenteeism and turnover rates.

In light of these statistics, it is critical that you leverage an applicant tracking system, as well as screening tools like integrity testing, to thoroughly vet every candidate. These technologies will enable you to make informed hiring decisions based on relevant data and measurable candidate characteristics. Ultimately, this will make your business more competitive by allowing you to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and limit absenteeism.


Set The Stage For A Frictionless Onboarding

Making a job offer represents the start of your company's relationship with its new hire. However, if you want that relationship to flourish, you have to do much more than simply provide a competitive job offer; you also have to provide that new employee with an exceptional candidate experience that starts with the first interview and continues through onboarding and beyond.

Applicant tracking systems help support a seamless onboarding process by providing you with the information you need to tailor training to the candidate.

For instance, suppose that you are bringing in a new hire who has worked within your industry for years. Their previous employer even used a nearly identical technology stack, so the new hire is already familiar with the software your company uses to perform day-to-day tasks.

It may be practical to expedite the onboarding process for this particular candidate. The information contained in the applicant tracking system would bring your staff up to speed on the new hire's skill set. In turn, they could use this information to modify the onboarding process, enabling the new employee to start delivering value to your business sooner.

ATS Benefits

Here’s how an applicant tracking system can help improve the quality, cost, and time needed to run an efficient hiring process.

1. Automatically Post Job Ads to Multiple Job Boards

Job boards are your first touchpoint with potential candidates, yet using them can be a hassle. Applicant tracking systems integrate with popular job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter, and will post to them so you don’t have to. Write a compelling job description and job ad, click “publish,” and you’ll start attracting job applicants.

2. Screen Candidates Faster

Not only is hiring tedious for employers — it’s also inherently risky. A 2022 study conducted by the London School of Economics found that hiring is “plagued” with bias, and that AI is “fairer and more effective than human recruiters.” By using an ATS, you can automate the screening process and screen top candidates in real time, all while reducing subjectivity.

Pro Tip: Discovered ATS uses science-powered pre-employment tests to make candidate screening a breeze. Use our predictive employee assessment software to spot red flags and improve your quality of hire by up to 90%.

3. Automate Candidate Communication

Communication is arguably the most important part of the hiring process. Without clear comms, qualified candidates may sour on the hiring process or slip through the cracks completely. Top applicant tracking systems offer highly customizable messaging templates and will automate everything from outreach to interview scheduling.

4. Easily Track Recruitment Metrics

How many candidates have you screened this year? What job boards perform best for your organization? ATS recruiting software collects all the recruitment data you need, then lets you filter the data and showcase what’s most important to you via a personalized dashboard.

5. Shorten Your Time to Hire

According to Glassdoor, the average time to hire is 24 days. If you’re backfilling a critical role, that’s 24 days you likely don’t have to spare. Applicant tracking systems reduce your time to hire by streamlining the recruiting process with features like:

  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Customizable messaging templates
  • Predictive pre-employment testing
  • Seamless job board syncing

All these features can improve your hiring process and create a more pleasant candidate experience long term.

6. Lower Your Cost Per Hire

When you save time hiring, you also save billable hours. Top applicant tracking systems free up your team’s energy and resources by using powerful workflow automations and AI screening capabilities. This helps recruiters and hiring managers cut down on spreadsheets and dead-end phone calls, and make cost-effective hiring decisions.

Who Benefits From An Applicant Tracking System?

The simple answer is that everyone benefits. Because applicant tracking systems enhance the overall hiring process, everyone involved will feel the positive impacts, including:

Qualified Candidates

An applicant tracking system enables you to increase candidate engagement by allowing you to interact with applicants from a user-friendly interface and relay information about available opportunities via detailed job postings. Applicant tracking systems also expedite the entire recruitment process, thereby allowing qualified candidates to receive job offers fast.

When you find a qualified candidate, it is vital that you don't keep them waiting. However, it is equally important that you do not rush through the screening and vetting process.

Applicant tracking systems allow you to achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and thoroughness. You can screen candidates fast without compromising your company's standards.

Hiring Staff

Recruitment software like Discovered ATS will make life easier for your hiring staff. Whether you have a dedicated hiring team or you and your managerial staff oversee the process, everyone has a lot on their plate. Between reviewing candidate resumes, deciding who to interview, assigning assessments, and compiling applicant data, it is all too easy for these professionals to become overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout, fatigue, and attrition.

The good news is that you can give your hiring team the tools they need to be successful by investing in robust applicant tracking and recruiting software. If you want to maximize the efficacy of your new investment, you should also leverage candidate scorecards, integrity testing, and skills assessments. Cumulatively, these resources will provide your hiring team with actionable insights that they can use to hire efficiently.

Other Job Seekers

Recruitment software like Discovered ATS paves the way for a smooth and seamless candidate journey. This technology enhances the experience not only for top prospects but also for those who do not receive a job offer.

Applicant tracking and recruiting software provides you with a simple and effective way of staying in contact with all job seekers. You can use these tools to keep all candidates in the loop about your selection process and, when necessary, break the bad news to those who are not chosen.

Taking the time to contact individuals who were not selected will keep you in good standing with those job seekers. When candidates feel valued — even if they are ultimately passed over — they will have a more positive opinion of your company. And you never know; your paths may cross again, and they could one day become a valued employee. With that in mind, it is important to treat all applicants with respect and notify them when they have been eliminated from the selection process.

When deciding how to contact these candidates, you should consider reaching out by phone, as research shows that bad news is better received by phone as opposed to email.

Your Business

Applicant tracking systems will not only improve the candidate journey but will also benefit your business. One of the most notable benefits of applicant tracking and recruitment software is that this technology allows you to reduce your hiring costs. As you are probably well aware, the direct costs associated with hiring can exceed $4,000.

In addition to reducing hiring costs, these technologies can expedite the process and help you identify the best candidates. You can use the insights gained from your applicant tracking system to hire smarter, insulate your company from the risks associated with choosing the wrong candidate, and protect business continuity.

How An ATS Positively Impacts Candidates

Now that you understand who ATS benefits, you can further explore how applicant tracking systems promote effective candidate management and provide a positive experience for job seekers. ATS solutions will:

Allow For Efficient Hiring

Candidates, especially those with options, don't want to wait around for weeks to hear back about job openings. They want to be progressed through the screening and recruitment process as efficiently as possible so that they can begin working. Unfortunately, legacy hiring processes are anything but efficient.

An ATS makes hiring and screening candidates incredibly efficient. You can provide applicants with a streamlined screening process by leveraging your system's interview scheduling, communication, and resume sorting tools. This will set the stage for a positive candidate experience and help you establish your company as a competent, results-driven organization.

Promotes A Positive Candidate Experience

Promoting a positive candidate experience should be one of the top goals of your recruitment strategy. A good initial experience will lay the foundation for a long-term relationship between your business and your potential new employee. It will also help you cultivate a positive brand image among job seekers, which will make your postings more appealing on job sites, especially those that allow applicants or employees to rate your business.

Applicant tracking systems enhance the candidate experience by facilitating interview scheduling, condensing the hiring cycle, and providing a simple yet effective way to communicate with prospective employees.

Ensure Good Job Fit

Job fit will have a significant impact on a new employee's job satisfaction, morale, productivity, and willingness to remain with your company for an extended period. Broadly speaking, the term "job fit" refers to how well a candidate's skills and abilities align with the requirements of a given position. Factors that impact job fit include:

  • Experience
  • Hard skills (job-specific skills)
  • Soft skills (communication, emotional intelligence, etc.)
  • Degrees and certifications
  • Morals and values

Poor job fit can lead to dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and decreased productivity. According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 15% of American workers experience some degree of job dissatisfaction. Of these, 6% report feeling "very dissatisfied," and 9% are "somewhat dissatisfied."

An applicant tracking system can help you easily measure a candidate's job fit. When you make effective use of solutions like integrity testing and skills assessments, you can even gain insights into whether an applicant's values align with those of your organization.

ATS: Empowering Your Hiring Manager

Applicant tracking systems will give your hiring managers the resources and tools needed to modernize recruitment processes and hire smarter. Specifically, applicant tracking software will empower hiring personnel by allowing them to:

Improve Visibility Between Hiring Teams

One of the most notable impediments to an efficient hiring process is a lack of visibility between teams. This is a particularly common pain point among enterprises with large HR departments and multiple hiring teams.

During routine tasks like scheduling interviews or reviewing resumes, information is often lost in translation between the recruiting team and hiring personnel. This lack of visibility can cause one of two major issues: First, the hiring staff might have to repeat tasks already performed by the recruiting team. Alternatively, if the discrepancies in data go unnoticed, candidate screening processes will be less effective than they should be at identifying and eliminating unsuitable applicants.

Facilitate Automation In The Recruiting And Hiring Process

According to Globe Newswire, the worldwide automation market size will reach $76.4 billion by the year 2030. This figure represents an increase of $56.6 billion when compared to 2021's market size of $19.9 billion. Businesses are incorporating automation technologies into as many processes as possible, including hiring and recruiting.

While there are several ways to incorporate automation technologies into your own hiring and recruiting processes, deploying applicant tracking software from Discovered is one of the most effective. Discovered ATS includes automation technologies that your hiring teams can use for scheduling interviews, monitoring recruiting metrics, posting job descriptions, and much more.

Create A Robust Job Description

Most applicant tracking systems allow hiring personnel to create and input job descriptions directly into the platform. This functionality ensures that the appropriate job description is quickly uploaded to job boards when a company needs to fill a role.

Sort Resumes

Applicant tracking software will also use the job description information to sort resumes more effectively. For instance, Discovered ATS uses natural language processing technology to scan resumes for keywords and skills mentioned in job descriptions. This screening allows hiring teams to quickly determine whether applicants meet the minimum requirements for a given position, thereby improving hiring efficiency.

Extend Reach During The Recruiting Process

Top applicant tracking solutions include several tools for increasing your online reach when posting job ads. For example, Discovered ATS has tools designed to facilitate automated job posting, allowing you to post job ads on multiple hiring boards in minutes, not hours. Discovered ATS is designed to take the headache out of posting a job opening online.

The Importance of SEO

You can further increase your ad visibility and reach by using search engine optimization best practices. SEO strategies will help you get your ads in front of active job applicants who are browsing job boards in search of their next career opportunity.

Finding The Ideal Applicant Tracking System For Your Business

If you want to improve interview scheduling processes and optimize the way you manage applicants, you should consider investing in a quality ATS solution. When you're searching for an ATS for your business, follow these steps to find a platform that aligns with your company's needs:


Identify What Problems You Are Facing

The first step to finding the ideal applicant tracking system for your business is to identify what your current hiring and recruiting pain points are.

Do you have trouble getting your ads noticed when you post them on a job board, which leads to an underwhelming number of applicants? Or does your hiring staff frequently get inundated with resumes?


Create A Plan

Once you have identified your greatest challenges, you will have a better idea of what solutions and tools you are looking for in ATS software. In turn, this will enable you to shorten your time to value with your new technology and increase your return on investment.

For instance, if your greatest struggle is recruiting top-end talent, you need a solution that has key features geared toward creating intriguing job descriptions and job titles, automating assessment processes, and improving your candidate management capabilities.

Conversely, if you want to garner more attention when you post a job online, you should look for a solution that includes ad automation tools.

You will find a true all-in-one solution in Discovered ATS. This dynamic platform can help you overcome all of your hiring and recruiting challenges, whether you need to draw more attention to job postings, screen candidates faster, or improve your ability to assess talent.


Assess Your Company's Capacity To Adapt

Integrating any new technology into your hiring cycle can be a challenge, even if the solution is user-friendly and easy to implement. Therefore, you must take an honest look at your company's capacity to adapt to change.

You should ask yourself this question: "Are my team members generally open to accepting change, or is buy-in typically low when implementing new policies and technology?"

If mobilizing your team to adapt to change is a major challenge, be proactive and inform your staff why you are rethinking your hiring cycle.

Explain how an ATS solution will help you attract premier talent, increase productivity, and strengthen company culture.

When it comes time to roll out your new ATS solution, make sure that your staff has been properly trained on the technology so that they view it as an asset, not a burden.


Examine The State Of Your IT Infrastructure

Getting your staff to buy into the change is only half the battle. You also have to integrate your ATS into your current IT infrastructure. Unless you have a robust in-house IT team, this can be a heavy lift.

With that in mind, make sure to find an ATS provider that offers comprehensive deployment support. A great ATS partner will assist with everything from providing training resources to offering guidance on how to efficiently deploy your applicant tracking solution.


Select A Solution That Aligns With Your Organizational Needs

Once you have identified your goals, assessed the staff's appetite for change, and examined your IT infrastructure, you are ready to select an ATS solution.

If you want to derive optimal value from your technology investment, choosing an all-in-one recruitment software solution like Discovered ATS is the best way of doing just that.

Discovered ATS includes a diverse array of features, each of which is designed to address a specific set of applicant screening and hiring challenges. With Discovered ATS, you can screen faster, hire smarter, and protect business continuity.

Features To Look For In An Applicant Tracking System

When searching for the ideal applicant tracking solution for your organization, we suggest choosing a software solution that provides:

A Unified Workflow

The core value proposition of an applicant tracking solution is that it enables your hiring personnel to manage everything from job posting to resumes via a single platform.

Once you deploy an ATS, your staff will no longer need to waste countless hours compiling candidate folders, manually reviewing resumes, or transitioning between multiple disjointed platforms. Instead, they can access each applicant's entire file from a single interface.

The unified nature of an ATS also works to eliminate data blind spots and promote information transparency. Key information about candidates will no longer get lost in translation. Instead, hiring managers can make informed decisions by leveraging all available data on each applicant.

An Intuitive Dashboard

Even the most powerful software will not deliver value to your business unless it is easy to use and intuitive. With that in mind, you should explore several applicant tracking solutions and determine which option has the most dynamic and user-friendly dashboard.

The ideal dashboard will be customizable, easy to navigate, and interactive.

The best way to determine whether a dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly enough for your staff is to arrange a demo.

During each demonstration, don't forget to take notes about your experience with the program. Reviewing your notes will help you identify the option that best aligns with your company's needs.

Easy-To-Use Automation Tools

Automation technologies can significantly increase your hiring and recruiting efficiency, provided that these tools are easy to implement. Unfortunately, some automation processes require coding knowledge in order to set up, which makes it difficult for everyday employees to take advantage of these tools. The good news is that user-friendly options like Discovered ATS feature easy-to-use automation tools.

With Discovered ATS, your staff can publish job postings, display ads on job boards, and much more with our powerful automation technologies.

Customizable Templates

Keeping candidates in the loop is critical to providing a great hiring and recruiting experience. However, your hiring team hardly has the time to compose a custom message for each applicant. Even if they copy and paste the bulk of communications with applicants, this approach still wastes precious hours.

You can alleviate this burden on your staff by selecting ATS technology that includes customizable messaging templates. Your staff can use these templates to set up automated replies that can be distributed to applicants as they navigate each stage of the screening process. These templates will save your staff time and free them up to focus on more value-oriented tasks, such as scheduling interviews, confirming references, and reviewing background check data.

Recruiting And Training Videos

Recruiting videos can help your job listings gain more attention and reach a wider audience. However, if you want to maximize the reach of your recruiting content, you need a platform for distributing, sharing, and displaying recruiting videos to applicants.

Fortunately, you won't need a standalone solution, as most applicant tracking systems include tools that support recruiting and training videos. You can use these tools to distribute training or recruiting videos during hiring, screening, and onboarding. These videos can be used to efficiently convey information to job seekers or new staff.

Job Board Integrations

There are dozens of online job boards. As you are probably well aware, some job boards are geared toward specific industries, whereas others include listings for a broad array of sectors. This abundance can make it difficult to decide precisely where to post your listings.

Even after you have chosen which job boards you want to advertise on, you still have to create your listings. This can be tedious and time-consuming, as each job board has unique requirements for posting on its platform.

If you want to alleviate this major hiring headache, you should select an ATS solution that includes job board integrations. Such a solution allows you to instantly push job listings on several free job boards simultaneously. This feature will save you time and expand your reach so that you can tap into a larger talent pool.

Reporting Tools

If you want to gauge the efficacy of your hiring and recruiting efforts, you need to closely monitor several relevant recruiting metrics. In order to do so, you will need an applicant tracking system with advanced reporting tools.

Discovered ATS is just such a solution. With Discovered ATS, you can generate custom reports to gain insights into your recruiting and hiring processes. You can use these insights to address hiring weaknesses and refine the way you screen candidates.

A Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Cloud-based applicant tracking solutions are a far better option than on-premises alternatives. These systems are easier to maintain, have a lower cost of ownership, and are constantly being updated in order to deliver better value for your business. Cloud-based ATS technology is also easier to implement and integrate with your existing solutions.

Screening Solutions

Applicant tracking systems can deliver excellent value for your business. However, the key to an effective ATS is great applicant data. Therefore, you need to pair your ATS recruitment technology with screening solutions like integrity testing and skills assessments.

Discovered ATS partners with IntegrityFirst to offer robust integrity testing options that can help you identify concerning behavioral trends among applicants. We also work with The Hire Talent to provide our clients with over 30+ world-class pre-employment assessments and skills assessments.

Together, these resources will help you modernize the way you hire so that you can identify top-tier talent, make employment offers efficiently, and promote long-term organizational growth.

Embrace a New Way To Hire with Discovered ATS

You want your organization to compete in the rapidly evolving modern marketplace. To do so, you must be able to efficiently screen, hire, and retain top talent. Accomplishing that requires a complementary set of tools and solutions, including integrity tests, skills assessments, and an applicant tracking system.

A dynamic applicant tracking system will serve as the centerpiece of your modernized hiring efforts. With an applicant tracking system like Discovered ATS at your disposal, you will be able to effortlessly track the best candidates from application to onboarding and beyond. This allows you to ensure that every qualified candidate is identified — and that candidates who are the best fit will be given the opportunity to join your organization.

If you would like to embrace a new way to hire, we invite you to book a demo of Discovered ATS. You can also connect with one of our candidate relationship management experts for personalized assistance.