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According to Gallup, only 14% of employees say that their performance reviews inspire them to do better, causing managers to waste endless resources on costly assessments. Our Talent Grader system was made to drive progress, based on proven findings from performance experts.

I would often skip performance evaluations because I didn’t feel I had the time to devote to them. Talent Grader changed everything for me.

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Do Performance Reviews Really Make A Difference?

Here’s the truth: Companies that focus their performance reviews on identifying ways for employees to thrive see measurable impacts on their bottom line. And it’s the secret key to keeping morale high and turnover low.

How Does Talent Grader Work?

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    Step 1

    Schedule a performance review meeting.

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    Step 2

    The system generates an employee scorecard.

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    Step 3

    Check the system to monitor employee performance.

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    Step 4

    See how each department is performing.

Improve your bottom line and retain top-performing employees with Talent Grader

We build all our assessment tools on a scientific fact: culture fit is key to effectiveness. The Talent Grader gives your managers the ability to assess the relationship between these critical elements accurately and quickly. With Talent Grader’s best practices processes you can:

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    Evaluate individuals and entire teams in minutes.

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    Automate notifications and alerts at customizable intervals.

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    Simplify the assignment and tracking of goals and action items.

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    Provide a framework for coaching your team to the next level.

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    Administer effective and inspiring feedback to your employees.

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    Ensure accountability throughout every step of the process.

If your situation requires assessments that are especially complex, we offer a specialized tool that can be customized to provide you with a more detailed look at an employee’s unique performance.

In our 30+ year history (2)

What challenges do you face when doing performance reviews?

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    Too many employees to track

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    Lack of structure and consistency

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    Not enough time or resources

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    More pressing priorities

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    Uncertainty about dealing with underperforming employees

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    Few incentives for top-perform team members

How Talent Grader Helps You Deliver Performance Reviews That Improve Performance

Discovered Talent Grader lets you automate the best practices that put you at a competitive advantage when it comes to keeping your top performers.

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    Scheduling a review is as simple as setting up a meeting on your personal calendar and establishing a cadence that meets your needs.

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    Employee scorecards are generated by the system, allowing goals to be added to the employee review and discussed during or separately from the review.

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    Check the system's automated cross-examination of each employee’s Average Effectiveness and Core Value Match over time and track measurable progress.

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    Automation in the system makes it easy for you to click to view how each department is performing, as well as add or subtract employees from the department with one click.

Automation, analytics, scorecards, and scheduling make the Talent Grader an innovative best-practice performance review tool without the hefty costs of a manual system.


Talent Grader has helped me simplify my employee evaluation process. My team has been much more productive as a result.

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