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Our Discovered Performance Hiring Software allows you to manage your entire hiring process, from applicant tracking and candidate evaluation to onboarding and performance management, in one place. Everything you need to attract, evaluate, and nurture A-players begins right here.

Applicant Tracking System​

Transform the way you hire with an Applicant Tracking System built for recruiting A-players. Our powerful ATS dashboard allows you to customize its settings to work with your company size, industry preference and other needs, keeping a close eye on talented candidates throughout the process.

Save countless hours organizing candidates, collecting applications, checking references and collaborating with team members. View Page

Employee Assessment Software

Companies lose as many as 89% of potential candidates due to a prolonged hiring process. The length of that hiring process is directly impacted by whether a company uses automation to remove the overhead created by manual, paper-based processes.

Discovered ATS transforms the hiring process with workflows and automation based on best practices that have repeatedly shortened the length of time required to find the candidate that fits your role. View Page

Workflow Management

Our Workflow Management and Automation module powers each feature in the Discovered ATS platform. By accessing the Workflow Management and Automation engine, the platform removes repetitive manual processes, streamlines data storage, simplifies communications, and decreases the time spent hiring by more than 50%. View Page

Automated Reference Checking

Business owners and hiring managers know checking references is an important part of the hiring process. Still, 87% skip this step because they don’t really trust the feedback they get about the candidate. Not to mention all the hassle involved in even getting a reference to provide that feedback in the first place.

With our Automated Reference Checker, you avoid the hassle and get the information from a candidate’s references that is scientifically proven to be predictive of on-the-job success. View Page

One-Way Video Interview

When a company uses one-way video interviewing, candidates answer interview questions while recording themselves on camera. Because the applicant schedules and conducts their own interview, one-way video interviews increase the efficiency of your hiring process. View Page

Candidate Scorecards

Did you ever sit down to compare two or more candidates after an interview and find yourself comparing apples to oranges? Whether the interviewer is a seasoned hiring manager or someone newly promoted to their post, the Discovered ATS Candidate Scorecards provide the structure for interviewing that results in like-for-like comparisons. View Page

Interview Guides

The cost of poor interviewing practices includes higher turnover, safety issues, lost investment in hiring and training, cost of replacement, and the impact on overall morale. Our Power Interview Guides, built on 30 years of experience in hiring top performers, provide access to the tools needed to replace these undesirable outcomes with positive results. View Page

Peformance Management Tool

According to Gallup, only 14% of employees say that their performance reviews inspire them to do better. That’s a disappointing finding given the cost of doing employee evaluations. The Talent Grader system included in our Discovered ATS platform is built to deliver performance reviews that actually improve performance. View Page

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