Introducing a Revolutionary Tool in Hiring & Retaining CDL Drivers and Blue Collar Workers!

Discover the transformative power of our new performance hiring software – built on 40 years of experience and over 1.5 million data points.


Finding it nearly impossible to find qualified applicants for your trades or commercial driving positions? — Are you tired of high turnover rates in your blue-collar work environments?

Discovered makes it easy to market and fill your candidate pipelines with high quality qualified applicants. Read more about how we 30X applicants for a Concrete company.

Combined with our integrity testing solution, ‘IntegrityFirst’, we offer a proven set of tools to dramatically reduce turnover, boost safety, and ensure your hires are high integrity individuals.


Meet Brian, owner of a concrete company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who discovered ‘IntegrityFirst’ through a scientific journal article. After recently investing in a very expensive HRIS software they were still struggling with low applicant numbers and rising fraudulent work comp claims, Brian decided to invest in Discovered + IntegrityFirst solution. What happened next was nothing short of remarkable.

How we solved the problem of low
volume of qualified candidates

Discovered is more than a software – it’s a complete hiring solution.
With 4 simple steps, it transforms your hiring process. Here is the easy 4 part process we took Brian’s Concrete company through:



First, we rewrote their recruitment marketing message to laser in on their perfect Commercial Drivers License candidates.
By getting their message effectively delivered we saw a HUGE increase in applicants.



We ditched the expensive HRIS system recently implemented.
Discovered made distributing their job advertisement to all the major job boards a 1 step process.
But this wasn’t the whole secret...

The way Discovered integrates with major job boards makes it easy for those platforms to target their ideal candidates and even easier for those candidates to apply eliminating the traditional HRIS platform flaws that actually drive candidates away instead of causing them to flock to your openings in droves. 


Result #1

Over 300 qualified CDL driver candidates applied to their opening in less than 30 days 15X - 30X increase in quality candidates over the previous 3 months marketing efforts.



We asked each applicant to complete an 8 minute Integrity Survey. With well crafted messaging built right into Discovered over 60% of the 300 applicants completed the highly predictive retention reducing and work comp cost reduction screening process. 

22% of applicants failed leaving 40 qualified candidates who were proven to have high levels of Integrity and were 4X more likely to stay on the job more than 12 months and 25X less likely to get hurt on the job or file a fraudulent work comp claim. 



Using Discovered automated interviewing scheduling tool they invited 15 candidates to an in-person interview on a Monday 3 weeks after launching the campaign and hired 5 highly vetted CDL drivers on the spot.

To top it off they used Discovered’s automated reference checking tool and Big 5 Personality and performance prediction assessments alongside custom candidate scorecards and interview guides to thoroughly evaluate candidates furthering their chances of high-quality candidates by as much as 90%. 


Result #2

5 new Commercial Driver hires in less than 30 days compared to ZERO in the previous 90 days.

Discovered is more than a software – it’s a complete
hiring solution. 4 simple steps automated by Discovered
transforms your hiring process:


1. Automated job postings and candidate collection


2. Use of 30+ different assessment tools + Automated reference checking + background checks + Custom tests to screen candidates more effectively


3. Automated interview scheduling


4. Comprehensive interview guides and scorecards for your hiring managers

Resulted in:

In just 30 days, Brian filled six difficult roles, ensured that his new hires were high integrity individuals, and started observing a positive shift in his organization’s culture.

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If you’re ready to reduce turnover, ensure the safety and integrity of your workforce, and save on costs, it’s time to consider Discovered. Our experts are ready to guide you through implementing this game-changing solution.

Drawing from a rich history and robust scientific research, Discovered consistently delivers exceptional results. It’s not just Brian’s concrete company that’s seen a transformation. We’ve run similar studies in healthcare, janitorial food service, home service companies, and elder care organizations, all of which experienced reduced turnover and substantial cost savings.