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Discover “A” Players Before You Hire Them

It’s a common scenario. The candidate looks great on paper, does well in interviews, and once on board proves to be the opposite of what you thought you were hiring. From our 30+ assessments, you are able to discover the best fit for the role.

This allows you to identify the candidate most likely to perform at a high level and less likely to leave because of job dissatisfaction. As a result, your cost of hiring decreases, and productivity increases.

“The predictability of the assessment was just off-the-chart reliable.”

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Our Assessment Software Improve Quality of Hire by Up to 90%

According to industry sources, 41% of companies say that a bad hire in the last year has cost them at least $25,000, and 25% of companies say that a bad hire in the last year has cost them at least $50,000. In some cases, the costs are far higher.

Scientifically proven pre-employment assessments, powered by Discovered

Our 30+ assessments predict job performance and highlight candidates’ skills, traits, and growth mindsets. By putting our assessment tools to use, you can increase your A-player hiring rate by up to 90%. The effectiveness of our assessments has been validated by an independent scientific study.

Personality Assessment Tests are a quick way to find out which candidates are best suited for each job you have to offer. This will help you improve employee retention, employee engagement, and overall employee success.

What if your current hiring practice could be transformed in these ways?

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    Avoid making costly hiring mistakes

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    Learn your candidates’ strengths

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    Uncover skillsets that complement your current team

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    Eliminate the wrong candidates long before the interviewing begins

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    Discover which applicants are likely to be a great match for your company culture

With Discovered ATS, you are can start to see these outcomes manifest in your business.
  • All of the Assessments you have access to are stored in the Discovered ATS system.
  • With a click, you can see the assessments you can administer including the jobs they are assigned to even if the jobs are archived.

Save your business money and save yourself some aggravation by getting to know your candidates before you even consider making an offer. Put our industry-leading pre-employment assessments to work and start hiring nothing but A-players.


The assessments are awesome. They are a wonderful objective measure of something quite hard to assess by any other means. I expect to use it for every hire going forward.

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