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Discover how our innovative approach and cutting-edge Performance Hiring Software transformed the talent acquisition landscape for three commercial HVAC companies, filling critical roles swiftly and effectively amidst the industry's toughest challenges.

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    A Private
    Equity (PE)

  • LPs-29

    acquired three
    commercial HVAC companies

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    in Los Angeles,
    Las Vegas,
    and Austin

This group of companies
struggled to find experienced

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    The existing leadership teams were overwhelmed with client demand and understaffing, making it difficult to manage daily operations.

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    The urgency to hire experienced Service Technicians was heightened by the onset of the hottest summer on record.

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    Adding to the challenge, each location operated under different brand names without an internal HR or Recruiting team to manage the hiring process.


They engaged the Wimbush Fractional Recruiting team in conjunction with the Discovered Performance Hiring Software. 


In just a week, this partnership began presenting high-potential candidates. 


Over five months, the team successfully filled positions for three Service Managers, two Dispatchers, and seven Service Technicians. 


This effort saved the team over $190,000 in recruiting costs and generated an additional $3 million in revenue by meeting market demand.

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    The Fractional Talent Acquisition team leveraged their deep industry knowledge, appropriate tools, and years of experience in handling challenging Talent Acquisition scenarios. 

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    This enabled them to quickly source and engage talent within the first week. 

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    They utilized the Performance Hiring Software, which offered efficient marketing of positions through SMS and email communication tools, along with automations for quick candidate engagement.

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    The team developed recruitment marketing content within two months, allowing each uniquely branded office to have personalized Career Pages and Employee Testimonials, reinforcing their Employer Value Proposition.

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    The Discovered Performance Hiring Platform streamlined most recruitment and hiring processes. It featured talent assessment tools for measuring Integrity and aptitude, position-specific interview guides, candidate scorecards, and automated reference checking.

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    These tools provided executives and hiring managers with greater confidence in their hiring decisions.


Bonus Benefits:

The Mechanical Group’s internal Operations and Management team were left with a fully operational, high powered and repeatable hiring process powered with a powerful set of Recruitment tools in Discovered so they could execute the same results on their own for a fraction of the cost of using staffing agencies or even having to hire a full time recruiter to keep their talent bench filled with highly specialized employees.

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