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Meet The Future Of Efficient Interviewing

Ready to take your hiring process into the modern age? With our innovative One-Way Video interview platform, you can give job candidates the freedom to virtually record and upload their interviews on their own, saving you time, money, and endless stress.

Our hiring managers all have different schedules. I was spending more time scheduling interviews than I was interviewing candidates.


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Faster Scheduling & Screening, Shorter Hiring Times

Interviewing job candidates can cost your team time and money, especially when you’re waiting around for a “no show.” But at DATS, we’re on a mission to reimagine the hiring process using video technology, so you can spend less time waiting and more time securing great talent.

How do one-way video interviews work?

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    Step 1

    Send an interview link to your candidate.

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    Step 2

    Allow your candidate to record and upload their interview.

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    Step 3

    Get immediate access to their one-way video.

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    Step 4

    Review the best candidates on your own terms.

Discovered One-Way Video Interviews Find Better Candidates In Half The Time

Our Discovered platform offers a one-way video tool based on proven best interview practices that yield measurable results.
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    Intelligent workflow that simplifies candidate comparison.

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    Comprehensive delegation and tracking features.

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    Easy-to-use interface that delivers a better candidate experience and engagement.

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    Standardized questions that ensure fairness and best hiring practices.

Are you struggling to schedule multiple interviews with multiple stakeholders?right arrow

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    Faced with too many calendars and conflicts?

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    Wasting time on candidates that don’t show or don’t fit?

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    Not interviewing as many candidates as you should be?

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    Overwhelming candidates with crowded Zoom meetings?

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    Not able to spend the time comparing candidates that you should?

How To Stop The Pain With One-Way Video Interviews On The Discovered Platform

Using the one-way video interviews tool in our Discovered platform allows you to quickly assess your candidate pool.
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    Set up a video introduction to your candidate.

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    Customize the interview questions you’d like to ask your candidates by job type.

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    Share a video interview link with your candidate in seconds.

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    Let your candidates complete their video interview on their own schedule.

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    Receive professional-quality candidate videos right away.

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    Review qualified candidates with your team.

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    Leverage our “interview mode” to watch the video interviews, take notes, complete the candidate scorecard, and view their resume all in one place.

Eliminate scheduling woes, no-shows, one-sided Zoom calls, and the expense of travel while allowing you to scale your ability to screen candidates in a fraction of the time.


I’ve been able to review many more applicants in a short amount of time. So we’re able to select higher-quality candidates.


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