Simple, No Commitment Background Checks for Your Business

Checkr’s all-in-one background check solution helps small businesses lower risk and grow their passionate teams without high-cost investments.


How We Partner with Checkr

Hire Better

Checker combined with Discovered’s suite of hiring assessments ensures you find high-performing talent with high Integrity reducing turnover and lowering Work Comp Costs by 60% on average.

Hire Faster

Post jobing jobs and screening candidates in a few clicks with flawless interfaces and automations makes the hiring experience a breeze for recruiters and candidates.

Hire with Discovered + Checkr

Reduce turnover by 30% or more, reduce work comp claims costs 57%, improve employee performance outcomes and costs all in one place.

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“We like Checkr because they are EEOC and FCRA compliant and handle the heavy lifting of background checks for us and always deliver. I’m mostly interested in ease of use, especially now that they integrate into our favorite ATS Discovered.  Clients also like the ability to add on custom searches like DMV and education verification.”

Justin L.
Contractor Staffing Solutions

“Checkr provides fast and efficient background checks which include criminal, credit, degree and driving records. Most checks are back within the hour and they always keep you updated on any delays.”

Tammy G.
TRP Sumner