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What’s the secret to reducing turnover, enhancing team morale, promoting workplace safety, and saving on hiring costs? Great interview practices. Our Power Interview Guides, built on 30 years of experience in hiring top performers, give you the tools you need to identify winning candidates every single time.

“Interviewing has always been a challenge for us. We’re really not trained interviewers, so we’ve been inconsistent with our hiring.”


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Access 30+ Years Of Interview Expertise With One Click

Becoming an expert in the art of interviewing is a huge time investment that most business owners simply can’t afford. That’s why we’ve compiled data from more than 10,000 successful interviews into an easy-to-follow system you can count on. With our Power Interview Guides, picking top performers is just one click away.

How do the Interview Guides work?

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    Choose from our list of 70+ jobs.

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    Step 2

    Download the appropriate interview guide.

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    Step 3

    Ask powerful questions that lead to great hires.

Where are the weaknesses in your interviewing process?

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    We’re unclear on the best interviewing practices.

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    We follow a formal interviewing structure, but the quality of our hires is hit-and-miss.

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    We struggle to tailor our questions to specific jobs.

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    We need a centralized view of interview guidelines, available on-demand.

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How The Discovered Power Interview Guides Work to Improve the Quality of Hiring

Our Power Interview Guides are designed to help you find out what you need to know about your candidates and improve the quality of your hiring.

  • 1. Select the guide that aligns with the position for which you are hiring.

  • 2. Review the most relevant and meaningful questions to ask a candidate for that specific job opening.

  • 3. Use, modify, or add questions to accommodate your job’s criteria.

  • 4. Apply best practices to your interview process and secure top-performing candidates everytime.


The consulting on structuring the interview based on the results was of inestimable value.

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