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Our clients have collectively enhanced their bottom-line revenue by over $643 million, with better hires and vanishing turnover.

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Integrate Discovered’s advanced AI with our expert hiring consultants, and watch your toughest recruitment challenges disappear.

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AI Job Ads

Create compelling job ads and descriptions in seconds, not hours or days, with Kingsley, our AI-powered hiring expert. Cut down on time spent and focus on what matters most — finding the right candidate.


Post Jobs Instantly

Advertise your openings instantly on the world's top job boards, including Indeed, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, ZipRecruiter, Monster, and more. Place free or paid postings as needed, all in one place.


Career Pages

Our system instantly crafts a professional and attractive career page, ensuring a seamless match with your employer branding.


Social Media Recruitment Marketing

Our system automates social media recruitment marketing content creation, helping you tap into a vast pool of passive candidates.

Maintain seamless candidate interaction and communication with Discovered



Maintain seamless candidate interaction and communication with Discovered


Automated Candidate Engagement & Follow-Up

Enhance your hiring process with automated messaging that keeps candidates informed and engaged, from reminders for assessments and interviews to preventing ghosting, ensuring a seamless journey to hire.


Automated Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews easily, by phone screen, video calls, or in person. Our system simplifies the process, saving your team time and effort, while enhancing the candidate experience.


Recruitment Marketing Videos

Craft compelling recruitment marketing videos with our one-of-a-kind video creation and editing services. Promote your company culture and attract the best talent effortlessly.


Candidate Pool Nurturing

Nurture your candidate pool effectively with customizable workflows. Leverage the power of social media and mass messaging to keep potential hires engaged.


Employee Referrals

In today's talent market, finding candidates who fit your company culture is key. Employee referrals are a proven, impactful strategy for achieving this.


Expert Assistance

Need more support? Our Recruitment Marketing implementation experts are on hand to level up your recruitment game, helping even the smallest companies operate like enterprise organizations.



We look for three things when hiring: Integrity, Intelligence, and Motivation." - Warren Buffet


Built-In Assessments

Use 30+ built-in assessments to evaluate potential hires on a wide range of factors like Integrity, Attitude, Intelligence, Cognitive Ability, Aptitude, Emotional Intelligence, and Motivational and Behavioral Job-Fit.


Custom Skill and Knowledge Tests

Sometimes the perfect skill test doesn’t exist. Let Kingsley AI instantly create skill tests to measure the most precise abilities in your candidates.
We create, distribute, score and report back on your candidates skills in seconds. Lasering in on the best candidates with the right skills has never been easier. Try it today.


AI Resume Screening

Watch as your AI assistant, Kingsley swiftly identifies the most suitable candidates, enabling your recruitment team to prioritize the best people effectively and expedite the hiring process.


One-Way Video Interviews

Efficiently screen candidates and enhance the hiring experience with one-way, structured video interviews. Candidates can interview from anywhere at any time, while hiring managers can review submissions according to their own schedules.


Candidate Scorecards

Improve your hiring results by up to 35% and significantly reduce bias. Kingsley AI generates detailed, focused scorecards to ensure a systematic, unbiased candidate evaluation process.


Interview Question Guides

Stay ready with instant, hyper-customized interview question guides for any job opening. Kingsley AI eliminates guesswork, equipping hiring managers with the best questions to uncover their ideal candidates.

Promote employee growth and satisfaction with Discovered's insightful tools.

Retain the Best Talent


Promote employee growth and satisfaction with Discovered's insightful tools.


Effortless Performance Management

Performance Grader simplifies and enhances performance management. By focusing on pertinent factors, it eliminates the need for strenuous employee reviews and misplaced focus. Assess employee performance with ease, and identify areas of improvement effectively.

Discovered - Your All-in-One Solution for Hiring Excellence.

Let's Reinvent Your Recruitment Process.


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AI-Enhanced Talent Sourcing

Discover the ideal candidate from a pool of over 3 billion professionals. Use Kingsley AI to find the exact talent you need for hyper-specialized roles.


Employee Referral Automation

Benefit from the highest quality hires with employee referral automation. Streamline the referral process, making it easy for your existing workforce to recommend potential candidates.


Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed hiring decisions. Kingsley AI evaluates all data collected throughout the hiring process, providing detailed hiring recommendations free from human bias and with lightning-fast evaluation.

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