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We’ve simplified the candidate attraction process by allowing you to tap into every channel imaginable.

Together, we help you collect top candidates from any job board on the planet, build award-winning career pages optimized for Google search, manage third party vendors effortlessly and implement a successful employee referral program, the most powerful tool in your arsenal for discovering the best hires.


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shield-check Applicant Tracking System

Transform the way you hire with an Applicant Tracking System built for recruiting A-players. Our powerful ATS dashboard allows you to customize its settings to your company size, industry preference, and other needs, keeping a close eye on talented candidates every step of the way.

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    Pre-Employment Assessments

    With our industry-leading pre-employment testing, Discovered provides unparalleled candidate insights. Our assessments will help you identify the best personality type for the role, so that you can stop wasting time and resources on candidates who just don’t fit.

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    Reference Hunter

    Collecting insightful references can be a tedious task. But with the Reference Hunter from Discovered, you can get the information you need, delivered with automated efficiency. Reference Hunter allows you to create custom templates and reference questions, schedule automated requests and receive feedback from references in one nice, neat package.

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    Interview Guides

    What can your team do with 30+ years of elite interviewing secrets? Our Power Interview Guide serves as a blueprint for finding your next top performer in 30 minutes or less, fueled by industry-insight from top recruiting experts.

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    Candidate Scorecards

    Whether the interviewer is a seasoned hiring manager or a summer intern, our Candidate Scorecards can ensure that you will get the same results. Top hiring managers and even executive leadership can use the Candidate Scorecard to select the qualities that define success and create structured questions to score candidates, so you get consistent results every single time.

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    One Way Video Interviews

    One-way videos are the modern solution for reviewing and evaluating large numbers of applicants, so you can quickly move them along in the hiring process. Our tools empower you to conduct virtual interviews on your own terms, eliminating the risks of “no shows” and other in-person hassles.

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shield-check Performance Management

Performance Management is crucial to helping your business grow and develop. It’s an ongoing process of partnership between an employee and their supervisor in order to optimize performance, encourage professional development, establish paths of communication, and set well-defined goals that need to be met.

That’s why we created a tool that makes performance management as easy as candidate attraction and assessment. Our Talent Grader is completely free for our clients, and is here to help you accelerate your team’s growth faster than ever before.

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