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Are your Clients Suffering Low employee engagement and Low productivity?

With the Discovered Performance Hiring Software, you will help your clients:

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    Create a positive work culture

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    Increase employee engagement

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    Improve productivity

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    Hire better people

“The platform has streamlined all the applicants that come in. We’re able to organize them and see what stage they’re at. The platform saves us tons of time by helping us organize all the candidates.”


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Help Your Clients Hire Better People

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    Poor Communication

    Help your clients improve their communication skills, such as active listening, providing feedback, and effective questioning, to prevent misunderstandings, conflicts, and other issues.

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    Low Team Morale

    Help your with clients create a positive work culture, increase team morale, and resolve conflicts and other issues that may affect team dynamics.

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    Employee Turnover

    Help clients reduce employee turnover by identifying the underlying causes, improving employee engagement, and creating a positive work environment that fosters loyalty and commitment.

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    Low Productivity

    Help identify productivity barriers, such as ineffective processes, unclear expectations, and lack of accountability, and implement solutions to improve productivity and efficiency.

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    Poor Performance

    Help clients address performance issues, such as low quality work, missed deadlines, and lack of motivation, and develop a plan to improve performance and achieve their goals.

Are You Ready To Help Your Clients Get To The Next Level?

Let's discuss how the Discovered platform will help you help you increase the services you provide your client.

Our Value Proposition

  • list-arrow-icon Improve the quality of candidates

    Use our assessment tools to evaluate candidates for job fit, culture fit, and other critical factors for success in the role.

  • list-arrow-icon Reduce employee turnover

    Our Performance Hiring System makes it easy for you to create performance-based job descriptions, candidate scorecards, and engaging job advertisements.

  • list-arrow-icon Streamline the hiring process

    Save time and resources by using our tools to automate job postings, applicant tracking, and candidate evaluations.

  • list-arrow-icon Increase hiring diversity

    Identify and attract candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a more inclusive and innovative workplace.

  • list-arrow-icon Enhance employer branding

    Leverage our recruitment marketing tools to create compelling job descriptions, videos, and social media campaigns that showcase your clients' company culture and values.

  • list-arrow-icon Optimize onboarding

    Use our performance management tools to develop effective onboarding plans, set clear expectations, and provide ongoing feedback to new hires.

  • list-arrow-icon Develop high-performing teams

    Build a team of high-performing employees by identifying strengths and weaknesses, providing training and development opportunities, and encouraging collaboration and communication.

  • list-arrow-icon Increase productivity

    Use our performance management tools to set goals, measure progress, and provide regular feedback to improve employee performance and productivity.

  • list-arrow-icon Increase profitability

    By improving employee quality, retention, and performance, your clients can increase profitability and grow their business.

  • list-arrow-icon Leverage data insights

    Use our tools to collect and analyze data on hiring and performance management practices, and use these insights to optimize and improve these processes over time.

  • list-arrow-icon Enhance competitive advantage

    By using our tools to build a high-performing team, your clients can gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

  • list-arrow-icon Improve reputation

    By creating a positive workplace culture, your clients can attract top talent, build a strong reputation, and become an employer of choice.

  • list-arrow-icon Enhance strategic planning

    By using our tools to identify workforce gaps and needs, your clients can develop a more effective strategic plan and achieve their long-term goals.

The Discovered Applicant Tracking System does it all – all in one place.

42% of companies say one of their biggest priorities is investing in tools that help to speed up hiring. Our Discovered Applicant Tracking System offers the features you need to solve that challenge so you can hire smart and hire fast. The features of Discovered ATS include:

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    Push jobs instantly to free job boards

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    Connect easily to every other job board

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    Automate your workflow management

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    Set up your world-class career page

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    Customized messaging templates

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    Automate messaging and candidate tasks

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    Built-in recruiting videos and training

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    Employee referral program management

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    Options for multiple users/collaborators

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    Manage all candidates in one dashboard

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    Streamline your entire hiring process with easy-to-use automations

We are continuously innovating the Discovered platform based on client needs. Enhancements are added to this list of features regularly.

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