Candidate Scorecards

Compare Apples to Apples
After Every Interview

Does comparing two or more candidates after an interview ever feel like pitting apples against oranges? With Discovered ATS Candidate Scorecards, you can give your hiring managers a fool-proof formula for interviewing that results in like-for-like comparisons every single time.

“We were all over the place with our candidate evaluation process. Everyone was using their own criteria.”

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It’s A Fact: Science Delivers Better Results In Hiring Decisions

No matter how organized your team is, interviewing based on “instincts” yields wildly inconsistent results. The Discovered ATS Candidate Scorecard provides the best practices needed to select the qualities that define success, all with structured questions for accurately scoring candidates.

How do Candidate Scorecards work?

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    Step 1

    Select the qualities you’re looking for in a candidate.

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    Step 2

    Have each interviewer take their own notes.

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    Step 3

    Compare scores, hire qualified candidates, and repeat.

In Just Minutes, Our Candidate Scorecards Empower You To… right arrow

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    Focus interviewers on what matters most when evaluating candidates.

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    Encourage collaboration between multiple interviewers.

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    Streamline your overall hiring process.

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    Keep interviewers accountable for following best practices.

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    Facilitate quantifiable hiring decisions, not gut feelings.

Are These Weaknesses Hurting Your Interview Process?

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    Too many gut decisions.

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    Inconsistent hiring criteria.

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    Zero accountability for interviewers.

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    Too many “cooks in the kitchen”.

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    High candidate turnover rates.


Best practice interviewing at your fingertip

Discovered Candidate Scorecard makes positive hiring outcomes 100% reproducible. We help you standardize and measure your must-have candidate qualities, so any hiring manager can produce the same results, again and again, and again. Now, it’s never been easier to compare apples to apples and find candidates who can take your business to the next level.


“The Candidate Scorecards have helped my team get clear on the attributes we’re looking for. We’ve improved our hiring significantly.”

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