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Does checking references feel like hitting a roadblock in your hiring process? With our Automated Reference Checker, you can take the legwork out of vetting qualified candidates and make better hiring decisions, fast.

“We have been able to hire faster and push our process faster, particularly with collecting references.”

Jessica H. CEO

TheraTree Pediatric Therapy

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Of Business Owners and Hiring Managers Don’t Check References

Let’s face it, gathering references from your potential hires is a tedious process. That’s why nearly 87% of business owners and hiring managers skip this step altogether, leaving room for serious oversight. 

But with our Automated Reference Checker, you can avoid the hassle and get reliable information from a candidate’s references, boosting your ability to hire top-tier talent.

How Does the
Automated Reference Checker Work?

  • Email
    Step 1

    Select and modify your referral email template.

  • Candidate
    Step 2

    Allow candidates to fill in their reference information.

  • Training
    Step 3

    Candidates forward referral links to their previous employers.

  • step4
    Step 4

    Review feedback from reliable references in real time.

Here’s what stops most of us from checking references right arrow

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    Hiring managers just don’t have time.

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    Most references never respond.

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    Confidentiality issues are in play.

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    Candidates use friends as references.

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    Getting feedback that predicts success is hit-and-miss.

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    It holds up your interview process.

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    Certain HR departments forbid references from providing information.

Ready To Stop The Stress?

Then use our Automated Reference Checker!

As a hiring manager, getting feedback from a candidate's previous supervisors is one of the best ways to gauge their overall skills and abilities. 

Our Automated Reference Checker streamlines this crucial step in a fraction of the time than the old-school approach, backed up by a proven track record of results that lead to better hires.

In our 30+ year history

“With the automated system, we’re able to get the references in faster. We’ve been able to hire faster and fill the positions we really need.

Jessica H. CEO

TheraTree Pediatric Therapy

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