Workflow Management

Manage Your Hiring Process in Half the Time

Our Workflow Management and Automation module powers each feature in the Discovered ATS platform. By accessing the Workflow Management and Automation engine, the platform removes repetitive manual processes, streamlines data storage, simplifies communications, and decreases the time spent hiring by more than 50%.

“The Discovered platform lets me collect all the data in one place. It gives us a good picture of who to hire.”

Jessica H. CEO

TheraTree Pediatric Therapy

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Satisfied with the amount of time you spend on hiring?

Do you ever feel like you’re spending too much time on hiring and not getting the results you want? Have you tried to fix the problem with this tool or that service only to find that using different products from different companies adds to your frustration? The Discovered platform uses a configurable workflow built around customizable templates allowing you to automate and personalize communications throughout every stage of the hiring process. Your communications can be modified for each job type or kept the same for all jobs types.

With the Quick candidate view you can access all your candidates quickly and utilize bulk personalized actions to move them instantly through your hiring process. Need to schedule a meeting with a potential “A” player? Send them the candidate self-scheduling tool so they can find a time you are available, instead of the other way around.

How does Workflow Management work for you?

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    Step 1

    Collects and parses candidate resumes from any job board or source.

  • Group 292
    Step 2

    Triggers messages emails and texts based on hiring stage.

  • Group 291
    Step 3

    Automates scheduling of interviews.

  • Group 290
    Step 4

    Reminds candidates to complete assigned tasks.

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    Step 5

    How Does Workflow Management Work for you?

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    Step 6

    Collects references without lifting a finger.

  • Group 287
    Step 7

    Moves candidates into Performance management workflow upon hire.

  • Define and customize each step of your hiring process
  • Duplicate hiring workflows
  • Customize each job requisition workflow
  • Incorporate your own templates if you prefer
Workflow Management

Could these factors be adding too much time to your hiring process?

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    Lack of a consistent process

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    Spending too much time managing the process you have

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    Difficulty measuring results

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    Inconsistent hiring results

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    Lost candidate data

Work Smarter AND Faster with Discovered Workflow Management and Automation tools

The power of the Discovered platform Workflow Management and Automation is derived from a focus that is wide and deep.

  • Number 1

    The setup of the workflow and automation in our platform is highly configurable and flexible allowing you to select from a menu of workflows and templates or add your own.

  • Number 2

    Once the workflows and templates are in place, you can select the areas you wish to access and the automation drives activities within that area.

  • Number 3

    Communications with candidates are made seamless by full integration with your email client. Review of communications with clients is consolidated as well within the platform.

  • Number 4

    The system automates the collection, consolidation, and storage of information about the candidates and then provides a search function allowing you to surface what you need.

Are you thinking there has to be a better way to manage your hiring process? A way that takes less time, requires less manual intervention, and doesn’t involve repetition? We think there is.


If you’re doing any kind of hiring, I would totally look into this platform. It will save you a lot of time. I highly recommend it..


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