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Are you a high-volume recruiter, handling offshore or nearshore operations?
Experience the full automation of your hiring process with Discovered, the solution to the imbalance of having too many or too few candidates.


What Sets Discovered Apart

The Complete Recruitment Solution

Beyond just a job marketing platform, Discovered ATS automates the entire hiring process. From conducting video interviews, administering custom, role-specific tests, checking references, to building comprehensive candidate profiles, our tool does it all, delivering a shortlist of thoroughly vetted top-tier candidates directly to the hiring manager.

How Discovered Works: A Detailed Guide


Create a Job Post

Craft your ideal job post with our AI tool. Discovered distributes it to job boards globally, including specialized boards in other countries.


Automated Candidate Screening

When candidates apply, Discovered sets off a series of tasks for them to complete, all managed through a simple link.


Candidate Tracking

Track candidate progress on Discovered’s platform, filter out unsuitable candidates, and curate a shortlist for the hiring manager. All relevant information is available for review.


Interview and Hire

With your shortlist in hand, the hiring manager can focus solely on final decisions, saving time and effort.


Experience the Results with Discovered

The Complete Recruitment Solution

Discovered’s process ensures the shortlisting of high-quality candidates that are thoroughly vetted. We’ve achieved impressive results with both onshore and offshore roles.

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    Exclusive Features
    and Add-Ons

    Comprehensive Candidate Assessment

In addition to role-specific skills assessment, integrate with Checkr for background checks or let candidates upload their portfolios directly into the system. Discovered keeps all communications, timelines, and candidate information neatly organized.

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    Your Journey Towards Recruitment Revolution

    Simplify Your Recruitment Process

Starting with Discovered is simple. Post your job, press play, and let our system handle the rest, from assessing candidates for job-specific skills to conducting reference checks and collecting video interviews. You just need to review the finalists for the final decision.


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Give us just one requisition and let us show you how powerful Discovered can be! Plus, enjoy a free two-week trial to experience a significant boost in your candidate evaluation efficiency. Use Discovered alongside your existing tools and see the difference.

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