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Did you miss the “how to hire A-players course” in college?

Even if your university or college had offered a course on hiring, it is unlikely that the curriculum included a course in how to hire A-players, never mind A-players who fit your organization's culture.

Welcome to Discovered Performance Hiring Academy

Fletcher Wimbush created the Discovered F.A.C.T.S. - Driven Performance Hiring based on more than 10,000 interviews and backed by academic studies. Never has there been a better time to take that "Hiring A-Players That Fit" course here.

This 12-week program will deliver 10-50X more applicants, higher candidate quality, lower turnover by 50 to 90% and will result in consistently more A player hires who get up to speed and produce better results faster.

arrow-right-bold The Textbook

Hire for skills, fire for attitude.

Most hiring processes focus on simply measuring aptitude and skills. While these measurements are extremely important in estimating on-the-job performance, the majority of problems with new hires are derived from attitude and personality mismatches.

Hiring Talented Team Players provides the knowledge to identify hires who will drive results for your organization and have the right personality for the job. This book is the culmination of 30+ years of experience hiring top­ performing leaders, supervisors, salespeople, engineers, and just about everything in between.

By following the strategies and best practices outlined in this book, you can transform your hiring process into a consistent machine for attracting, identifying, and assessing talented team players. It is required reading in the Discovered Performance Hiring Academy.

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The Classes

The Discovered Performance Hiring curriculum is a self-learning environment that includes the following classes:

Group 278

Content in Module 1:

  1. Introductions
  2. Creating SMART Job Descriptions
  3. Candidate Scorecard
  4. Rinse and Repeat – Templating This Strategy

Group 275

Content in Module 2:

  1. What’s In It For Them
  2. Referral Programs
  3. Navigating Online Job Boards
  4. Employer Reputation, Application Experience
  5. The Sniper Method
  6. Social Recruiting
  7. Recruiting and Staffing Partners
  8. Value of an Applicant Tracking System

Group 276

Content in Module 3:

  1. Reading Resumes the Right Way
  2. The Achievement Interview Method
  3. Discovering Significant Achievements
  4. Obtaining relevant References
  5. The Art of Probing Questions
  6. Initial Screening
  7. Candidate Assessments
  8. In Person Interviews
  9. Performing the Reference Check
  10. Working Interviews

Group 277

Content in Module 4:

  1. Making The Offer
  2. Following a SMART Onboarding Process
  3. Checking In and Feedback Process
  4. Retention
Never been a fan of DIY - img

Never been a fan of DIY?

This 12-week program is made for you and your team.

Our program includes 12-weeks of live coaching, using the blueprint created for your company's unique needs and challenges. Those who enroll also receive:

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    Copies of Hiring Talented Team Players for everyone on their team.

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    Access to our 8-hour e-learning course covering the FACT Driven Hiring System to use for future training sessions.

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    Configuration and installation of best practices and SOPs that can serve as the foundation for building an effective, efficient hiring practice.

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    Hands-on, personalized, thorough live one-on-one training for their entire executive, HR, recruiting and management teams.

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    Access to our Discovered Performance Hiring software.