Discover the SVN Spectacular Surge: Empowering Commercial Real Estate Brokerages

Unlock an ocean of opportunities with 5,500+ applications and 30+ promising new hires in just 12 months!

The CRE Candidate Spectacular Surge

Join us on a journey where we fueled the engines of SVN commercial real estate brokerages by empowering them with over 5,500 applications for fresh, passionate commercial real estate advisors.

This led to an impressive roster of 30+ new hires within just 12 months!

The Conundrum

In the world of Commercial Real Estate, you know it's all about commission-only salespeople who are the lifeblood of brokerages.
An ace Advisor could be generating anywhere from $100,000 to a whopping $1,000,000 per year in revenue for your brokerage.

But the task of bringing on board new producing Advisors is akin to walking a tightrope. Not only must these newcomers be willing to embrace a commission-only work environment, but they must also have sales expertise and in-depth market knowledge.

Adding an extra pinch of spice to this challenging scenario is the task of attracting and retaining new Advisors amidst the most intense labor market ever seen in the USA during 2022 - 2023.


The Game-Changer

We rolled up our sleeves and dove headfirst into this problem by orchestrating an exhaustive marketing campaign. We listened to the success stories of Commercial Real Estate advisors, right from the fresh ones to the seasoned veterans, creating a dynamic marketing message from their experiences. This content, brimming with genuine stories and real-life experiences, was the bait that attracted numerous candidates through the recruiting process.

Spreading our net across hundreds of job boards, we reeled in an unprecedented number of new candidate leads every month. Using the captivating power of video and engaging storytelling, we successfully guided 20% of these candidates to the interview stage and saw 10% of them participate in the interview process.

The Grand Finale? A staggering 9% of all candidates who entered the interview process were hired, translating into a goldmine of new revenue for the brokerages.

The Masterplan

Our winning strategy involved combining the cutting-edge Discovered platform's automation tools, AI for candidate scoring, expert recruitment marketing advisors to draft high-impact marketing messages, and expert hiring coaches to guide Commercial Real Estate Brokerage managers throughout the hiring process.


Here's our eight-step success formula for
recruiting Commercial Real Estate Advisors


Curating success stories from current Advisors, from rookies to veterans.


Converting these real-life stories into mesmerizing video and text marketing content designed to reel in our target candidates.


Deploying our state-of-the-art tool, Discovered, to broadcast these compelling messages across 100+ job boards and a customized Career Page, making it easier for candidates to find these golden opportunities.


Simplifying the application process for candidates to make their first step hassle-free.


Using AI and automation to rank candidates and automate messaging to enhance candidate engagement.


Automating the scheduling process for 1st interviews to efficiently screen and further engage potential candidates with a single click.


Providing high-impact video and text content throughout each step of the hiring process to keep candidates intrigued and invested in the recruitment journey.


Equipping hiring managers with predictive hiring assessment tools to streamline the candidate evaluation process.

In the ever-challenging world of Commercial Real Estate, are you ready to level up and become a part of our success story?

Let's conquer these
challenges together!

“This is an unprecedented number of Applicants for our Organization”

- Solomon Director of Office Success SVN


Ready to conquer the hiring challenges of Commercial Real Estate with us?

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