Improve Talent Acquisition with Tech Solutions

Disruptions to the job market are causing talent acquisition (TA) teams to adjust their recruitment processes and adapt quickly. These disruptions include COVID-19, massive layoffs, and the Great Resignation. TA teams must improve their processes and strategies to keep up with hiring trends through enhanced talent acquisition technology.

This article will offer suggestions for improving your hiring processes and strategies. Let’s review six benefits of TA technology, four TA tech trends, and an overview of TA suites.

6 Benefits of TA Tech for Hiring Qualified Candidates

The world continues to change and improve day-to-day operations with technology. These changes include crucial solutions that ease the burden on your TA, recruiting, and HR teams. Technology allows for more automation and an enhanced hiring process that improves the experience for both job seekers and recruiting teams. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing talent acquisition technology in your efforts to hire qualified candidates:

  • Quality hires invested in increasing human capitalization. This will help decrease turnover.
  • Increased efficiency of time it takes to hire suitable candidates.
  • Improved candidate experience through ease of job application and a better response time.
  • Improved recruiter experience through more automated processes. This automation can handle tasks such as data collection and allow more time and effort in interaction with potential hires.
  • Better employer branding through an enhanced candidate and new employee experience can help decrease turnover and increase employee referrals.
  • Reduced bias in the hiring process utilizing AI.

4 TA Tech Trends to Implement in Your Business

TA Suites

A TA suite is a talent management system that assists recruiters and hiring managers with hiring new talent. It can even provide solutions for onboarding new hires. This all-in-one solution helps create a seamless experience for both recruiters and candidates. With a TA suite, more tools are available for sourcers and recruiters, making talent acquisition strategies easier to accomplish.

Increased Talent Access

One trend that has significantly increased access to talent is broadening the search for qualified candidates. Companies are expanding their reach from external applicants to include current employees and contract or gig workers. Being open-minded to alternative workforces and recruiting from within has become critical to talent acquisition strategies.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI for finding qualified candidates has seen a lot of positive results and feedback. It helps answer potential employees’ questions and pushes qualified resumes and applications to sourcers and recruiters. It has also helped reduce bias in the hiring process. This is because AI focuses on finding candidates with the right skill sets to fill positions, regardless of their background.

Video Interviews and Assessments

Automation in video interviews and assessments has also seen a rise in demand. Bundling these two recruiting elements allows for a more holistic solution for sourcing candidates.

TA Tech Suites

Here is an overview of the different components that can be included in a Talent Acquisition Technology suite:

Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are one of the critical pieces of a performance hiring platform. They utilize automation to track potential candidates and streamline the hiring process. This system allows you to hire qualified candidates in a fraction of the time manual processes take. It also eliminates the loss of potential candidates by improving communication and response times from your TA team.

Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Tools

Another way to speed up the hiring process of qualified candidates is by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting tools. These AI tools, HR chatbots, for example, can assist with sourcing, screening, scheduling, video interviews, etc. This allows sourcers and recruiters to focus on getting to know qualified candidates.

Video Interviewing Platforms

A one-way video interviewing platform can save time, money, and stress. This is done by allowing candidates to record and upload an interview. Utilizing this platform leads to a reimagined hiring process with faster scheduling, screening, and hiring times.

Employee Assessment Tools

Assessment tools can help drastically improve the quality of hire. Using these assessments at the beginning of a candidate’s journey will help determine whether they will be a good fit. The result is that employees perform better and have a higher job satisfaction rate. This saves your company time and money because it improves employee retention and eliminates future hiring needs.

Candidate Scorecards

Using candidate scorecards can provide your recruiters and hiring managers with a formula for conducting quality interviews. This helps encourage collaboration among interviewers, keep them accountable for interviewing best practices, and streamline the hiring process. The result is hiring decisions based on data rather than just feeling.

Performance Management Tools

A solid performance management process helps bridge the gap between potential candidates and new hires. Performance management tools can improve performance reviews by providing quality employer feedback and increasing employee retention rates. Utilizing these tools can save you time and money in the long run.

The Talent Acquisition Suite Your TA Team Needs

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