In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, having a well-defined talent acquisition roadmap is essential for organizations looking to attract and retain top talent efficiently. This comprehensive guide will take you through each step of the talent acquisition process, from assessing your open roles to onboarding new hires, all while emphasizing the critical role that AI-driven tools like Discovered can play in streamlining these processes.


Whether you're an HR professional or a business leader,

understanding and implementing these strategies can make all the difference in building a robust and diverse workforce.

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1. Assess Your Open Roles

The first step on your talent acquisition roadmap is to take a sounding of your open roles. Understanding the specific requirements for each position is crucial. This may require close collaboration with your business operations team to identify the skills, qualifications, and cultural fit necessary for success.

By having a clear understanding of your hiring needs, you can ensure that your talent acquisition efforts are targeted and aligned with your organizational goals.

2. Create Engaging Job Descriptions

Crafting compelling job descriptions is the next crucial step in the talent acquisition process. Leveraging AI can be a game-changer here, making the creation of clear and engaging job postings more efficient.

Tools like Discovered use AI to help you craft job descriptions that attract top talent effortlessly. For a practical demonstration of how AI can simplify this process, watch this informative video.

3. Publish Your Job Descriptions to the Right Boards

Once you’ve written compelling job descriptions, it's time to publish them strategically. To ensure success, it's important to follow best practices, including selecting the right job boards to reach your target audience and considering the potential costs associated with certain boards.

AI can expedite this part of your talent acquisition roadmap by automatically posting your job descriptions to relevant platforms, saving you precious time. Discover how Discovered can make this process faster and more efficient.

4. Create Candidate Scorecards

Effective candidate evaluation starts with well-defined scorecards. These game-changing tools help you assess candidates consistently and objectively. With AI, you can create scorecards that align seamlessly with your hiring criteria.

You can get the nuts and bolts of the importance of scorecards and how AI can streamline the process in the video below. Discovered's AI-driven solutions excel at making the creation of scorecards fast and accurate.

5. Screen Resumes

If you don’t screen the resumes you collect, you’ll waste an exponential amount of time interviewing the wrong people. This step saves time and resources by drastically narrowing down the candidate pool. To do it, create criteria based on the job description and use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for automated keyword scanning.

Striking a balance between thoroughness and efficiency is key. AI can enhance screening by evaluating relevance automatically. However, human judgment is still essential for considering soft skills and cultural fit. Combining automation with human assessment ensures a comprehensive, efficient screening process that selects the most suitable candidates for further evaluation.

6. Screen Candidates

In-depth candidate screening involves various assessments to evaluate skills, cultural fit, integrity, and references. Research has shown that pre-employment skills assessments can significantly enhance the hiring process by providing objective insights into a candidate's capabilities.

Integrity testing and reference checking further ensure that candidates align with your company's values. Use AI-driven tools like Discovered to automate all of these assessments, saving you precious time and resources you can devote to the ultimate selection and onboarding parts of your talent acquisition roadmap.

7. Interview Your Best Fits

Interviewing candidates is the hiring equivalent of discovering the texture and flavor of a dish vs. reading the recipe. It can show you the candidate's personality, communication skills, and cultural fit, enabling a more informed hiring decision.

To save time, consider blending one-way video interviews into your process. This lets candidates respond to predetermined questions on video, which you review at your convenience.

AI can help you write interview questions tailored to your job requirements, too.

8. Make Offers

Incorrectly made job offers can lead to a chain reaction of disappointment and frustration, affecting both the candidate's morale and the company's reputation.

Making job offers correctly requires careful negotiation and consideration. To make a job offer, ensure clear communication of the offer terms, including salary, benefits, and start date. Use written documentation and allow time for the candidate to review, ask questions, and make an informed decision.

AI can help you here too, by providing data-driven insights into salary expectations and market trends, ensuring that your offers are competitive and attractive to top candidates.

9. Onboard

Onboarding is your opportunity to set the stage for a successful employee journey. Streamline the process by using AI to automate your paperwork, training modules, and orientation materials. By doing this, you'll provide new hires with a seamless transition into your organization, enhancing their overall experience and productivity.

10. Pay Attention to DEI

DEI ensures that every voice is heard, which can strengthen your organization exponentially. To build a more diverse and inclusive workplace, it's vital to work DEI into your talent acquisition roadmap.

AI can help remove bias from job postings, resume screening, and candidate evaluations, ensuring a fair and equitable process. Stay vigilant in your efforts, and consider AI-driven tools like Discovered to promote DEI within your organization.


A well-planned talent acquisition roadmap, supported by AI-driven solutions like Discovered, can revolutionize your organization's hiring process. By following the ten key stages outlined in this guide, you can streamline your recruitment efforts, save valuable time and resources, and build a stronger, more diverse workforce. Embrace the future of talent acquisition and stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of AI.