Hiring managers are constantly looking at ways to improve the recruitment and hiring process. Fortunately, there are talent acquisition software programs available that assist in sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and assessing candidates.

Today we are looking at the best talent acquisition software that is currently available. We will discuss how the programs can assist you in the recruitment process and the pros and cons of each software.

Some of the programs listed below require add-ons to reap the full benefits of the software. An add-on is additional software that will enhance the user’s experience.

Examples of add-ons are candidate texting, bulk emails, e-signatures, zoom integration, and even advanced reporting. This is not a comprehensive list of all possible add-ons. Please note that the cost of each add-on will vary by company.

Common Talent Acquisition Software Features

Some of the programs we are reviewing today share some of the following features and features that have not discussed.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The most commonly used recruiting software in the talent acquisition industry is known as the applicant tracking system or ATS. This type of talent acquisition software streamlines the hiring process by collecting applications, organizing candidates, and tracking metrics.

Pre-Employment Assessments

If you find yourself hiring for skilled positions, pre-employment assessments are a great help during the selection process. These can be skills tests or even personality assessments. The list of assessment topics is endless.

Oftentimes, managers will find that they have two excellent candidates for a position. The best way to make a final decision is to compare all notes and the employee assessments.

Automated Reference Checking

One management tool that is making waves is the reference checker. Nearly 87% of business owners and hiring managers do not check references. Typically, this is due to time restraints. This is not the case anymore.

Automated reference checking takes away the hassle of tracking down references while also improving the likelihood of hiring top talent. It is important to receive feedback on candidates, especially from previous employers and coworkers. By having reliable feedback you can assure that you find the best candidate for the position.

One-Way Video Interviewing

Being efficient in the interviewing process has been a challenge for many years. Sometimes candidates will not show up for their scheduled interview, while other times the interview will go much longer than expected. The future of efficient interviewing is here: one-way interviewing.

This type of talent acquisition software allows you to send an interview link to your candidate. The candidate will then open the link, read through the interview questions, and record themselves answering the questions that were provided. This can be done at their convenience. No more missed interviews, late arrivals, or interviews that exceed time restraints.


This recruiting software has been increasingly popular for medium to large businesses. Once a job description has been created the software will then send the position out to 100+ job sites. It will send you candidates that reflect the qualifications you are seeking and allows you to invite that candidate to apply if you feel that they are a match.

When a premium or pro plan is selected, you will have access to over 36 million resumes that have been scored based on how well they meet your job requirements. Pro plans come with TrafficBoost which works great for filling positions quickly, especially if you are struggling to find qualified candidates.

ZipRecruiter allows you one free job post. If you wish to post more positions and reach more candidates, it is suggested you look into paid plans. Plan pricing starts at $249 per month.

ZipRecruiter Pros

  • Four-Day Free Trial
  • Posts to 100+ Job Boards
  • Great for Expanding Businesses
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard

ZipRecruiter Cons

  • Have to Purchase Resume Reviews
  • Applicant Tracking System not Included
  • Search Filters need Improvement
  • Customer Service is AI Based


This candidate sourcing software is best known for sourcing professional candidates. LinkedIn offers two recruiting plans – one for low-volume hiring needs and one for large, corporate businesses. There is a third plan that strategically works with recruitment agencies.

The plans differ in what features are available. The Recruiter Lite has 20 search filters and up to 10 candidate search alerts. It is a single-user dashboard that allows for 30 direct contacts per month.

The Recruiter Corporate plan gets up to 50 candidate search alerts, and 40 search filters, and has access to LinkedIn Spotlights. It is compatible with 28 applicant tracking systems.

The Recruiter Professional Services shares the Recruiter Corporate plan benefits and allows for more than one user. Monthly packages start at $170. They also offer a pay-per-click option that may fit into your budget better.

LinkedIn Pros

  • Extensive User Database
  • Effective Filters
  • Saves Regular Searches
  • Pre-Populated Job Templates

LinkedIn Cons

  • Limited Customer Support
  • Limited Information on Monthly Plan
  • Abundance of Messages
  • Limited Number of Job Ads Permitted


SimplyHired is the best, no-commitment recruiting platform available today. They operate on a pay-per-contact model meaning that you can post unlimited jobs for free. You only pay a fee when you wish to contact a candidate. SimplyHired works well for seasonal hiring due to no long-term commitments.

Each month you will receive a $25 credit to try out the software for free. This is SimplyHired’s version of a free trial. Fees for contacting candidates vary on the position and location of the candidate. The fees can range from $4.99 to $47.99; before you contact a candidate it will tell you the exact fee so that you can stay within budget.

SimplyHired Pros

No Commitments
$25 Monthly Credit
Unlimited Job Postings

SimplyHired Cons

  • Pay to Review Candidates
  • Prices Greatly Vary
  • No Guarantee that Contacted Candidates will Respond

Breezy HR

This HR software works best for fast-growing companies that are hiring for multiple positions. It is a recruiting and ATS that advertises open positions on 50+ job sites, automates tedious tasks, and collects data along the way.

Breezy HR integrates with other programs like LinkedIn, Slack, Google Analytics, and much more. They offer a variety of plans ranging from $143 to $399 per month. Higher-tiered plans include customizable interview guides, e-signatures, automated reference checking, and more.

This software has access to a library of 800 human resource tools and templates as well as an online help center with articles about the software and how to troubleshoot.

Breezy HR Pros

  • User Friendly
  • Automates Most Processes
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Posts to Multiple Job Boards

Breezy HR Cons

  • No Phone Support, Only Email
  • Add-ons are Pricey
  • Lacks Reporting Capabilities
  • System lacks Intuition


This talent acquisition software is best for companies with fewer than 500 employees. They take pride in their ATS being purpose-built for growing businesses. Monthly plans start at $49.

The ATS allows you to set up the hiring process as you see fit resulting in a customizable workflow and task automation system. It allows the admin to create specific hiring teams and within that team, recruiters can evaluate and discuss candidates. Additional features can be added with a monthly paid plan such as candidate texting, e-signatures, and zoom integration.

JazzHR Pros

  • Affordable Entry Plan
  • Unlimited Users with All Plans
  • Entirely Customizable
  • Free 21-Day Trial

JazzHR Cons

  • Notification Settings Modify Every Users Settings
  • No Reference Checking System
  • Accessing Reports Require Contacting Customer Service
  • Metric Tracking Needs Improvement

Workday Recruiting

This recruiting and applicant tracking system works best for large companies. It is known to simplify the hiring process with various applicant management tools such as job requisition process, workflow automation, social media integration, and more.

Workday is used in many industries and has various products from financial management to strategic sourcing. They have add-ons for payroll, talent management, and analytics/reporting. Sadly, they do not report on the cost of their software.

Workday Recruiting Pros

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • End-to-End ATS
  • Multiple Workday Products and Add-ons

Workday Recruiting Cons

  • Lacks Pricing Transparency
  • Not for Small Businesses
  • Confusing about how each Product Connects

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based applicant tracking system geared toward staffing agencies and corporate hr departments. This software is a beginning-to-end software, meaning that it assists in social media posting, pre-screening assessments, background checks, recruiting automation, and much more.

Zoho Recruit offers an all-in-one talent acquisition solution with three monthly options. They also offer a ForeverFree option that allows for one active job posting. The monthly plans range from $25 to $75 per recruiter, per month.

The upper paid tiers allow users to post more active jobs, process background checks, have candidate portals, have security control, and more. The enterprise tier has territory management, client and staffing portals, and autoresponders.

Zoho Recruit Pros

  • Affordable Plans
  • Integration with other Zoho Apps
  • Excellent Search Abilities
  • Blueprint Allows Users to track Applicant Progress

Zoho Recruit Cons

  • Mobile System Needs Improvement
  • Lacks Customization
  • Templates need Improvement
  • Metric Tracking and Reporting need Improvement

Discovered ATS

Discovered ATS has everything you need to create an efficient and flawless talent acquisition process. They have programs ranging from employee assessment software to automated reference checking. Interview schedules have never been easier with one-way video interviewing!

The workflow management software is fully customizable to meet business needs. It allows you to communicate with candidates seamlessly through email and unlimited text messaging. No add-ons are needed! The best part is that the system is fully integrated with Google and Microsoft accounts.

Discovered ATS Pros

Variety of Programs
Fully Automated Processes
Post Jobs instantly to Job Boards
Free Demonstration
Online eLearning Courses

Discovered ATS Cons

Limited Online Reviews
Must Call for Pricing

Success Starts with Discovered ATS

Discussed above are the best talent acquisition software programs that are on the market today. Some are geared toward finding candidates while others are capable of sourcing, hiring, and onboarding candidates while simultaneously collecting data. Of all the programs mentioned above, Discovered ATS covers all bases and offers educational resources for hiring managers.

Large and small businesses alike find success with Discovered ATS. They have an obligation-free trial that allows you to create a custom pre-employment assessment. This trial includes a personal call to discuss your specific hiring needs. Then leads to product recommendations that will help you meet your acquisition goals.

If you are looking to improve your talent acquisition process but aren’t sure where to start, book a demo today. To speak with a member of our customer support team today give us a call at (833) 332-837.