This comprehensive list of talent acquisition webinars below is a masterclass to help you step up your recruiting game.

You’ll gain Randstad-level skills from the top names in the hiring world, with deep insights into DEI, safety, retention, DISC assessments, and dozens of other key recruitment topics.

Learn deep knowledge from luminaries in the talent acquisition world, including Lou Adler, Deanna Mendivil, Gary Pederson, Erik Ayers, Phil Strazzulla, and Rachel Kennedy. If you were looking for the Harvard of recruitment, you just stumbled into it.

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1. Performance Based Job Descriptions and KPO’s with Lou Adler

If you're a job seeker looking to stand out in a competitive job market or a company aiming to hire more effectively, watching this recruiting webinar with Lou Adler, a renowned recruitment expert, is a must. Lou discusses a groundbreaking approach to job descriptions, focusing on performance-based hiring rather than traditional qualifications.

He emphasizes the value of connecting with hiring managers and showcases a free course for job seekers on how to ace interviews. Whether you're a job seeker or a hiring manager, this webinar provides invaluable insights and practical strategies to improve your hiring and job-seeking processes.

2. Experts Unveil Key to Workers Safety in High-Risk Jobs

This talent acquisition webinar discusses the profound impact of Integrity Testing on hiring practices and workforce management. If you're interested in improving the quality of your hires, reducing turnover, and enhancing the overall integrity of your workforce, this presentation offers noteworthy insights.

The video highlights the cost savings and substantial ROI achieved through Integrity Testing, emphasizing its effectiveness in pre-employment assessments. With practical examples, case studies, and a detailed Hiring Academy model, it provides a comprehensive view of how to improve hiring processes and the significant role Integrity Testing plays in this context. Whether you're an HR professional, a business owner, or a consultant, this hiring webinar offers valuable tips on enhancing hiring practices and boosting your organization's success.

3. Shaping the Future: The Curious Case of Talent Acquisition Education

Featuring Brian Fink, this talent acquisition webinar explores the world of technical recruiting, making it a must-watch for both aspiring and experienced recruiters. Fink emphasizes the importance of curiosity, empathy, and tenacity in the field and provides practical advice for those looking to excel in their careers. His experience and wisdom are invaluable, making this recruiting webinar a beneficial resource for anyone seeking to enhance their talent acquisition skills.

In this hiring webinar, Brian Fink shares his expertise and actionable tips, encouraging recruiters to push their limits and go the extra mile to succeed. Fink's guidance on balancing work and life, sharpening one's skills, and fostering stronger connections with candidates and hiring managers is especially relevant for those seeking to thrive in the competitive world of talent acquisition. Whether you're a newcomer to the field or a seasoned recruiter, the webinar offers valuable takeaways to boost your recruiting career.

4. Transform Your Business with DISC: Expert Insights / Feat. Al Batinga & Deanna Mendivil

The webinar delves into the significance of understanding and leveraging personality assessments, primarily focusing on the DISC model. Throughout the session, the speakers provide real-world examples of how such assessments can lead to better communication, conflict resolution, and team cohesion in both professional and personal spheres.

This talent acquisition webinar offers useful insights into how personality assessments, like DISC, can be instrumental in improving self-awareness, communication, and emotional intelligence. It shares compelling anecdotes and demonstrates the power of using these tools for personal development, team building, and even optimizing the hiring process. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of personality assessments and their practical applications, this recruitment webinar is a must-watch.

5. Accelerate Success - Tackling High Workers' Comp Insurance / Feat. Robert Giamboi & Gary Pederson

This webinar digs into the intricate world of workers' compensation and how to effectively manage and reduce associated costs. Hosted by industry experts Rob and Gary, they discuss the critical role of integrity in employee hiring and how it significantly impacts workers' compensation claims. Gary, a seasoned professional, highlights the importance of pre-employment integrity testing in screening out problematic hires and presents compelling data showing how it can lead to substantial savings and a safer workplace.

Throughout the conversation, the hosts share anecdotes and tips that offer insights into reducing workers' compensation costs. From discussions on preventing fraudulent claims to the significance of a company's culture, this talent acquisition webinar equips viewers with actionable strategies and introduces an essential tool, integrity testing, for efficient risk management. Watch this hiring webinar to gain a fresh perspective on managing workers' compensation and discover ways to enhance employee selection and claim management practices.

6. Masterclass: Hiring Transformation with Social Media Checks / Feat. TJ Colaiezzi & Gary Pederson

Are you interested in understanding how to enhance your hiring process, reduce risks, and build a culture of integrity in your organization? This recruiting webinar explores the critical aspects of employee background screening, including Integrity Testing and Social Media checks, providing essential ideas for employers looking to make informed hiring decisions.

The webinar features an engaging conversation between TJ Kirgin and Gary Fendler, who discuss the importance of integrity in the workplace, the legal considerations of social media screening, and the potential risks associated with neglecting comprehensive employee background checks. Whether you're an HR professional, business owner, or simply curious about effective hiring practices, this talent acquisition webinar offers valuable information and expert perspectives on building a trustworthy workforce.

7. Transform Your Hiring: Engage Candidates with Impactful Storytelling / Feat. Erik Ayers

Are you seeking innovative ways to revolutionize your recruitment process and tap into the power of employee storytelling? In this engaging recruitment webinar, Eric Ayers, founder of GoodSeeker, shares ideas and strategies for harnessing employee stories to enhance your organization's recruitment marketing.

Discover how storytelling can demystify the hiring process, improve the candidate experience, and attract top talent. Ayers emphasizes the importance of putting employees at the center of testimonials and highlights the impact of focusing on individuals rather than the company itself. Learn practical steps to initiate this transformative approach and revolutionize your recruitment efforts.

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8. Unlocking SMB Success: Master HR & Recruitment with Game-Changing Software / Feat. Phil Strazzulla

If you're interested in the challenges and strategies of building an effective hiring process in a startup, this webinar is a must-watch. In part three of the discussion, the speaker, Phil Strezula, shows how to manage the complex landscape of hiring in fast-paced startups. He highlights the need for authenticity in the hiring process and emphasizes the importance of leveraging the right tools for business results.

In the bonus question, Phil delves into the potential for automating the hiring process while maintaining a high-quality candidate experience. He points out that automation works effectively for high-volume roles but is less feasible for senior-level positions. Additionally, he touches on income inequality and its impact on the job market. If you're looking for expert advice on startup hiring, automation, and industry insights, this talent acquisition webinar is a valuable resource

9. Unleash the Power of AI in Hiring | Recruiting in 2023 with Discovered Hiring

If you're looking to revolutionize your hiring process and make it more efficient and effective, this recruitment webinar is a must-watch. In this presentation, you'll discover how AI-driven tools can streamline and automate the entire hiring process, from job posting to candidate assessment and onboarding. The speaker provides a detailed walkthrough of how AI technology can transform your hiring process, significantly reducing the time and effort required to find the right talent.

This talent acquisition webinar showcases the power of AI in recruitment, demonstrating how it can manage high-volume hiring, assess candidates, and even facilitate employee referrals effortlessly. The speaker's extensive experience and knowledge make this an important resource for HR professionals, hiring managers, and business owners looking to enhance their recruitment strategies with AI-driven solutions.

10. Contingency Recruiting Fees: Blueprint for Big Savings | Discovered Hiring X Adam Meekhof

If you're looking to enhance your organization's hiring process and gain actionable insights to improve your talent acquisition strategies, you'll want to watch this recruiting webinar featuring Adam Connors, CEO of IQTalent Partners, and Fletcher Wimbush. In this engaging conversation, they cover essential tips for efficient hiring, the importance of collaboration between talent acquisition and hiring teams, and the value of building a transparent, effective hiring process.

The discussion emphasizes the significance of valuing your talent acquisition team, bringing them into crucial conversations, and the benefits of adopting an efficient process that adds value to the candidate experience and the overall hiring results. Watch this informative talent acquisition webinar for practical takeaways to revolutionize your recruitment practices and make better hiring decisions.

11. Beyond Job Posting: How Storytelling Can Elevate Your Employer Brand | Rachel Kennedy

This webinar shows how organizations can effectively enhance their employer brand by leveraging the power of storytelling and employee advocacy. By watching this hiring webinar, you'll gain practical strategies to create compelling content, align with company values, and engage employees to share their personal stories that resonate with potential job seekers.

In this informative session, you'll discover actionable steps to immediately implement in your recruitment marketing efforts. Learn how to lead with your mission and why, empower your employees to become brand advocates, and practice the art of storytelling to connect with your target audience. This webinar provides a blueprint for enhancing your employer brand, attracting top talent, and fostering a culture of authenticity and engagement.

12. Streamlining Your Hiring Process: How AI Can Help Your Small or Mid-Size Business

If you're facing challenges in hiring top talent for your company, you'll want to watch this talent acquisition webinar. Fletcher Wimbush, an expert in recruitment, shares a powerful and practical strategy for identifying and connecting with the right candidates. His approach combines leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator, proactive headhunting, and the use of an applicant tracking system. Fletcher's advice is not only effective but can also save you time and reduce the overwhelming influx of resumes.

In addition to the headhunting strategy, Fletcher shares the best practices for creating effective onboarding and training plans, emphasizing the importance of structured processes and setting key performance indicators. If you're looking for innovative hiring solutions, this recruitment webinar offers a wealth of actionable information to boost your recruitment success.

13. A Path to Mastery, What to Expect - Podcast w/ Herb Van Patten

If you're looking for valuable insights into personal and professional growth, this webinar is a must-watch. Herb, an experienced speaker, shares a compelling story about the journey to mastery in one's career, using his own experiences and expertise in the field of case management.

Herb's presentation discusses the "Holy Cow" and "Big Aha Moment" thresholds, which mark key milestones in the path to mastery. He emphasizes the importance of embracing challenges, mistakes, and discomfort as opportunities for personal and professional growth. This talent acquisition webinar provides a unique perspective on the power of persistence and learning through hardship, offering worthwhile takeaways for anyone striving for excellence in their chosen field.

14. Don't Hire Your Next Work Comp Claim | Red Flags in Applicants

If you're interested in understanding how to improve your hiring process and reduce work comp costs, watch this hiring webinar. The speakers discuss the analysis of hiring practices, emphasizing how it can benefit both union and non-union organizations. They explain the process of conducting in-depth studies and highlight the importance of data integrity in evaluating hiring decisions.

Furthermore, the conversation dives into the impact of turnover on an organization and how implementing a more effective hiring strategy can not only save on work comp costs but also reduce turnover, ultimately leading to a more productive and inclusive workforce. This talent acquisition webinar is a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their hiring practices and reduce associated costs.

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15. Treating your Employees like Artists in the Workplace

This recruiting webinar, featuring leadership expert Gerald J. Leonard, offers relevant insights into leadership and workplace dynamics through the lens of jazz improvisation. Viewers will discover how a conductor's approach to leading an orchestra can be applied to managing teams, fostering collaboration, and building a thriving work culture. Gerald emphasizes the importance of a positive attitude, open feedback, and being a supportive leader. He draws compelling parallels between the world of music and the corporate world, showing how being a "conductor" rather than a micromanager can lead to greater team success and harmony.

Gerald's engaging discussion explores topics such as the significance of aligning culture and performance, the power of openness to feedback, and the art of "surrendering to support." His unique perspective, incorporating elements of jazz and orchestral leadership, provides viewers with practical strategies for enhancing their leadership skills, employee management, and company culture. This talent acquisition webinar is a must-watch for leaders seeking innovative approaches to inspire their teams and achieve business success.

16. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Julie Kratz

This webinar delves into the crucial topic of diversity in the workplace, offering actionable strategies to create a more inclusive environment. The conversation between the host and the guest, Julie Kratz, who is an expert in diversity and inclusion, brings forth a fresh perspective and practical advice. If you're looking to enhance diversity efforts in your organization and foster a more inclusive culture, this recruitment webinar provides a wealth of knowledge and guidance to get you started.

Julie Kratz emphasizes the importance of structured, fact-driven hiring practices, challenging biases, and adopting a more inclusive approach. She discusses the significance of reading diverse authors, consuming diverse media, and promoting allyship. Kratz's new book "Allyship at Work" and her resource list offer practical tools to kickstart your journey toward greater diversity and inclusion. If you're committed to making a difference in your workplace and society, this talent acquisition webinar is a valuable resource to begin your transformational journey.

17. Fact-Based Hiring System

This webinar offers beneficial insights into the art of effective talent acquisition and management. The speaker emphasizes the importance of building a hiring strategy that aligns with your company's values, mission, and vision. He discusses various strategies, such as leveraging referrals, using job boards, and becoming your own headhunter, to attract the ideal talent for your organization. 

Additionally, he illuminates the critical aspects of assessing candidates, conducting reference checks, and onboarding new hires. This hiring webinar provides practical tips and a structured approach to making successful hires, making it a must-watch for anyone involved in the hiring process.

18. Hiring in 2022

This talent acquisition webinar provides ideas and practical strategies for solving the challenges associated with modern talent acquisition. Fletcher Wimbush, an expert in recruitment and hiring, offers clear and actionable advice on how to attract, engage, and hire top talent in today's competitive job market. He emphasizes the importance of crafting compelling job descriptions, leveraging referral programs, implementing advanced sourcing techniques, and building effective hiring processes.

If you're struggling with finding the right candidates or want to optimize your hiring efforts, this recruitment webinar offers valuable guidance to help you address your talent acquisition challenges and win in the war for talent.

19. Hiring During the Great Resignation

In this informative webinar, you'll get intel on innovative recruiting strategies and techniques, making it a must-watch for anyone involved in talent acquisition. The speaker shares practical tips on sourcing and engaging top talent, even in challenging hiring markets. Discover unique approaches to building an effective employee referral program and learn how to leverage technology and data to streamline your recruitment process.

Additionally, this recruiting webinar offers access to HR certification credits, making it a helpful resource for HR professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in talent acquisition. With actionable advice and a focus on real-world challenges, this talent acquisition webinar is a useful asset for those looking to improve their hiring efforts.

20. Science of A-Player Hiring

This webinar with Richard Wilson delves into strategies for entrepreneurs looking to build high-performing leadership teams and unlock their time freedom. It discusses the art of recruiting, training, and empowering an entrepreneurial leadership team while emphasizing the importance of vision and culture in attracting top talent. The conversation highlights the benefits of remote work and the need for intentionality and structure in fostering a thriving remote team. With practical advice and insights, the webinar provides valuable guidance for entrepreneurs seeking to scale their businesses and achieve greater efficiency.

Richard Wilson, founder of Unleash CEO, shares his expertise in transforming the hiring process and building teams that drive growth and impact. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to delegate tasks efficiently or struggling to find and retain the right talent, this talent acquisition webinar offers actionable steps to enhance your leadership team and fuel your business's success.

21. Optimizing Your Candidate List

If you're interested in improving your hiring process and making data-driven decisions in talent acquisition, you'll want to watch this informative recruitment webinar. Michael Junger, CEO of ResumeSieve, shares practical tips for enhancing your recruitment strategy. 

He discusses the importance of job analysis and creating a clear understanding of what successful candidates look like, challenging common hiring practices. You'll learn how to streamline your hiring process, evaluate the true cost of hiring, and make data-driven decisions to achieve more successful hires. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your talent acquisition efforts.

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22. Attracting the Right Talent with the Right Job Ad with Shaun Martin

If you're seeking to improve your hiring processes and strategies, this talent acquisition webinar featuring Sean Fahey is a must-watch. Sean, an expert in the field, shares insights and tips on how to attract, identify, and hire top talent effectively. He highlights the importance of defining success for a role, not just focusing on activities but outcomes. Sean discusses his journey and mistakes in the hiring process, emphasizing the value of a systematic approach for building a high-performing team. Learn how to streamline and optimize your hiring practices while customizing them to fit your unique business needs.

Sean's expertise shines through in this hiring webinar, providing essential guidance for anyone involved in recruiting and hiring. Discover actionable strategies and concepts to refine your hiring processes, understand the key role of defining success, and ensure that your team is made up of top-tier talent. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from an experienced hiring guru and enhance your approach to building successful teams.

23. Cameron Herold, The CEO of Whisperer

If you're looking to improve your interviewing and hiring skills, this talent acquisition webinar with Cameron Herold is a must-watch. Cameron, a renowned entrepreneur and author, shares his expertise in building high-performing teams and getting the right people in your organization. He discusses practical strategies and techniques for mastering the art of interviewing, from asking open-ended questions to conducting effective interviews. Cameron emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and offers resources like his book "Double Double" and an upcoming course to help you develop your interviewing skills.

By tuning into this recruiting webinar, you can gain worthwhile insights on talent assessment, employee recruitment, and team building, with actionable steps to enhance your interview process. Whether you're a business leader, entrepreneur, or HR professional, Cameron's advice and experience in the field can help you elevate your hiring game and ultimately lead to better team performance and success.

24. Bianca Lager on Optimizing The Hiring Process Podcast with Fletcher Wimbush 02/12/2021

If you're looking to improve your hiring process and enhance your understanding of candidates, you'll want to watch this recruitment webinar featuring Bianca Lager, the President of Social Intelligence. This informative discussion delves into the world of social media screening, its applications, and the nuances of assessing a candidate's social intelligence.

Bianca Lager digs into how organizations can leverage technology to analyze social media data, revealing important aspects of a candidate's personality, character, and behavior. Furthermore, the conversation explores the critical role of reference checks and how they can be used to gain objective insights into potential hires. Bianca's expertise and practical advice make this webinar a must-watch for anyone involved in the hiring process.

25. Can a Remote Workforce Truly Improve Performance Results? Shane Metcalf with Fletcher W.

If you're looking to create a more dynamic and thriving work culture that fosters strong social bonds and supports your team members as whole human beings, this talent acquisition webinar is a must-watch. Shane Metcalf, a renowned expert in organizational culture, shares intel on transforming the way you see your employees, focusing on fulfilling their unique needs and evolving your business into one that genuinely cares about leaving its people better off.

Shane emphasizes the shift from viewing employees as mere workers to fully-fledged human beings and shares the importance of cultivating an environment where you offer more than you take. You'll gain practical strategies, a change in mindset, and a newfound appreciation for what a human-centric approach can do for your company's culture.

26. How are Negative Energy Levels affecting your hiring and business results?

The webinar digs into the crucial aspect of personal and professional development by exploring the concept of energy leadership and its profound impact on one's life and career. Natalia, the expert guest, emphasizes the significance of recognizing one's energy levels and their influence on decision-making, performance, and overall well-being.

Natalia and the host discuss practical steps for individuals to become more aware of their energy states and how to shift towards a more positive and productive mindset. The conversation highlights the interconnectedness of personal and professional life, advocating for an alignment of values to enhance happiness and success. By watching this talent acquisition webinar, viewers can gain valuable insights and actionable steps to transform their lives by mastering their energy leadership.

27. How to Interview Salespeople with Justin Weeder

If you're looking to improve your sales skills and bump up your knowledge on the art of hiring salespeople, this talent acquisition webinar is a must-watch. In this engaging conversation, Justin Mark, a sales expert, and the host discuss key strategies for sales success and effective hiring practices. Justin shares practical advice on understanding the needs of your sales team and potential hires, emphasizing the importance of asking meaningful, probing questions to assess fit and potential. His unique approach of using confrontational interviewing techniques lights the way for both employers and job seekers.

Additionally, Justin shares his experience in creating effective profiles for salespeople, highlighting the significance of benchmarking and continuous assessment. He provides practical tips and concrete actions to take, like clarifying vague information and utilizing unique questions, to enhance your sales and hiring processes. Whether you're a sales professional or responsible for hiring sales talent, this recruitment webinar offers relevant, actionable insights to help you succeed.

28. The Key to Hiring Great Salespeople with Deb Venable

If you're looking to improve your sales team and hire the right people, this recruiting webinar shares hiring intel from an expert in sales and hiring. Deb Venables, a seasoned sales professional, discusses key aspects of building a successful sales team, from creating an effective sales playbook to identifying the right candidates. She emphasizes the importance of training and onboarding new hires, as well as ongoing coaching and support to ensure long-term success. 

Whether you're a business owner, sales manager, or someone involved in hiring, this talent acquisition webinar provides actionable strategies and advice for enhancing your sales team's performance.

29. Leading Remote Teams & Inspiring Innovative Thinking with Rebecca Morgan

If you're looking to become a better leader and enhance your team's productivity, watching this webinar with Rebecca Morgan is a must. In the discussion, Rebecca delves into the critical aspects of leadership, addressing common pitfalls and providing practical strategies for fostering a productive and engaged workforce. She emphasizes the importance of creating a culture of psychological safety, offering insights into how leaders can encourage open communication and drive innovation.

Furthermore, Rebecca highlights the significance of refining the candidate experience, from the recruitment process to onboarding, shedding light on the potential impact on employee retention and organizational success. This talent acquisition webinar is a valuable resource for leaders seeking actionable advice and concrete steps to enhance leadership skills and drive lasting positive change within their teams and organizations.

30. Business Productivity Practices to Streamline Your Hiring Process with Michael Melhberg

This webinar features a conversation with Michael Melhberg, a renowned leadership coach and author, discussing effective strategies for achieving personal and professional goals. The discussion revolves around practical techniques to prioritize tasks, manage time, and improve productivity. Michael emphasizes the importance of getting tasks out of your head and onto paper, setting clear priorities, and, crucially, scheduling essential activities. The focus on scheduling is highlighted as a key strategy for managing time effectively and taking control of one's life. This recruitment webinar provides important info on enhancing productivity and achieving your goals.

Viewers can gain key takeaways from Michael Melhberg’s practical advice on optimizing their workflow, reducing overwhelm, and achieving work-life balance. He introduces the concept of "getting your to-do list out of your head and onto paper," emphasizing the importance of setting priorities and building a schedule that aligns with your goals. Implementing these strategies can have a transformative impact on personal and professional life, enabling individuals to manage their time more effectively and focus on what truly matters. Michael's insights and actionable tips make this talent acquisition webinar a useful resource for anyone seeking to improve their productivity and achieve their goals.

31. Hiring Challenges: Expert Solutions & Tactics

Discover strategies for efficient and effective hiring in this talent acquisition webinar starring Fletcher Wimbush and Tomas Keenan. Tomas and Fletcher liken the recruitment process to dating, emphasizing the mutual exploration between potential employees and employers to ensure a cohesive fit. They explore the concept of "working interviews" where candidates showcase their skills in real-world scenarios.

Their chat also delves into the importance of systematic hiring processes and offers actionable steps for businesses. With anecdotes from service-based companies, the discussion underscores the value of observational feedback and integrating potential employees into the workplace environment. For businesses seeking to refine their recruitment strategies, this recruitment webinar is a must-watch.

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