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To-Do Lists

Inside the Job Post Overview menu, you’ll have to option to Generate a to-do list or view existing to-do lists. This option can be useful to move a large number of outside candidates through the hiring process quickly. If you’re unsure if this is the best option for you, feel free to reach out to your client success manager to discuss it further.


Submit Their Resume: Make it mandatory for the candidate to upload their resume to the list

Complete Assessments: Choose a selection of assessments you’d like to add to the to-do list

Add Their References: Have the candidate submit their reference’s contact info & trigger the automatic reference checker feature. Note: This is for active posts only

Complete a One-Way Video Interview: Have the candidate submit their audio/video for a 1-way video interview. Note: This is for active posts only

Complete an Application: Require the candidate to fill out their application form. Note: This is for active posts only

Once you have your To-Do list complete, you can choose the To-Do List Links button directly to the right of Generate To-Do List and grab the link there to be given to your outside candidates. This is a reuseable link so giving it to multiple candidates is not a problem.

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