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Job Post Overview Page

Starting under the Job Title and moving right, you’ll see a number of options as we move through this page.

Copy Job Board Email: This button will copy the unique email address created for this job to be attached to outside Job boards

Copy Application Link: This button will allow you to copy the job application to be sent to a candidate or posted on social media recruiting posts, etc.

Details and Edit: This button will open the editing menu for the entire job post so you can make changes to the description, statuses, templates, etc.

Archive Job: This button will make your Job post inactive and move it to the archived jobs section for later use. If you’re hiring for this job again in the future, you can access it from the Job posts section of the main menu and unarchive it to pick up where you left off

Search Candidates: This search bar will allow you to quickly search for a specific candidate if you have many to search through

Active Candidates & Archived Candidates: These two buttons will switch you between the active and archived candidates tabs. Candidates by default will be on the active list when entering the system and can be archived by checking the box to the left of their name and choosing the archive option in the popout menu

Candidate Lists: This is where you will create and access your active candidate lists. You can also delete lists from this menu

Generate To-Do List: This option will allow you to create a fully fleshed-out to-do list for your candidates if you wish. Everything the candidate needs to complete for you to get through the hiring process will be assigned to their to-do list. Keep in mind, to-do lists are dynamically created through the use of Statuses as you guide candidates through the hiring process, so the Generate to-do List option isn’t always needed.

To-Do List Links: Any to-do lists you create will be saved here for further use. Also, if you create a Quick Job Post under the Assessments portion of the main menu, your link will be found here as well.

+ Add Candidate: This will open the menu that will allow you to manually upload candidate resumes or enter their contact info.

Status Bar Menu: This is not labeled as such, but below the other options you will see the name of each status in your workflow along with the number of candidates associated with that status to the left of each title. Choosing any status found here will filter the candidate list to only include candidates assigned that status.

Candidate Filter: Between the “Name” and “Completed assessments” labels you’ll see a grey upside-down triangle. Clicking this will open a menu that you can use to filter large lists of candidates down to specific steps if desired.

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