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Creating & Editing Statuses

There are 2 options to access the Statuses feature.

First, it can be accessed by choosing the “+ Create Job Post” button on either the main dashboard or the Job Post menu options. This is the 2nd step in creating a job post.

To find the Status Details and edit them after you’ve created your job post:
1) Choose the job post in which you’d like to edit your application.
2) Choose the Details and edit button from that Job Posts main section.
3) Choose Statuses– the second option in the submenu
4) Choose the green Edit Statuses button on the far right side of the screen.

NOTE: When making any edits to the section that you wish to save, please remember to scroll to the very bottom of the page and choose the green Save button before moving on.

Status List

You’ll start with a list of default Statuses made available to your account. Certain Statuses will have pre-attached emails as appropriate to send to candidates. You may also add new statuses as desired, or remove ones that you do not wish to use.
NOTE: New Candidate and Hired cannot be removed as statuses.

Add Status: The first option you’ll see at the top of the Status list is to add a new status. When you choose this option you’ll be asked what type of status this is. This allows the system to pre-register certain fields to the email being sent along with the status. If no such action is desired, simply choose “Other” as your status type.

Once you’ve chosen your Status Type, you’ll be presented with a number of options to customize it.

  1. Title: Edit the name of the status as seen by you and other users
  2. Save Template: Save this status as a template so it can be used in future job posts
  3. Assign when meeting is scheduled: If an applicant schedules a meeting with you, they will be assigned this status automatically. Can only be applied to one status at a time. This can only be used if you’re using The Hire Talents generated calendar link
  4. Order: Choose where this Status should be ordered in the Status List
  5. Color: Choose an identifying color that will be shown after you select the Status for a candidate
  6. Email Template: Displays the name of the chosen email template
  7. Clear Email Template: Clear all fields associated with the selected email template, resetting all data
  8. Change Template: Select from a list of pre-created email templates that can be found and added to in the Templates section of the main menu
  9. Save Template: Save any changes you’ve made to an existing email template, or save as a new template if you’ve started from scratch.
  10. Subject: create a subject line for your email. Use tokens to enhance the dynamic use of your email for multiple job posts.
  11. Body: Create the body of the email. Use tokens to enhance the dynamic use of your email for multiple job posts. You can also add images (I.E for company logos), hyperlinks, and attachments.
  12. Add Assessment: Add any assessments you’d like to have the candidate take when receiving this email. The “Candidate assessments link” token is required to use this feature. It is also recommended to use the “Assessments estimated length minutes” token as well.

Edit Statuses: Editing Statuses will follow the same steps as the above “Add Status” the difference being the pre-populated information in each status. There are also several key features to note when editing statuses.

Drag-and-Drop: in the Status list, you can click on any of the status bars containing the status name and move it to change the order.
Automated Email: There are only 2 current automations in statuses to send emails. By default, these emails will be sent through the email/user assigned as the post creator.
First, if an email is assigned to the New Candidate status, it will be sent automatically.
Second, if a status is marked with the “Assign when meeting is scheduled” feature, it will be sent automatically.

Using Statuses

Statuses are used as your hiring workflow. It is generally appropriate to assign each step in your hiring process with a status. This allows for easier organization of candidates and makes sure no candidates fall through the cracks.

You will have the ability to assign a candidate Status in 3 locations

  1. The candidate’s Quick View Profile
  2. The candidate’s Full Profile
  3. The main Job Post view is where all candidates reside.

Look for the grey-colored dropdown menu that shows the “New Candidate” Status, which will be the default for all candidates entering the system.
By clicking on the drop-down, it will show the list of all Statuses available on the job post.
Choose the appropriate Status from the list. If there is an email assigned to that status, it will pop up after the Status is selected.
You will be able to edit the email if desired, assign assessments if desired, and send or cancel sending it.

Bulk Status Assignment – Candidates can be selected in bulk and assigned statuses. An example would be to send multiple rejection letters or interview invites at once.

To use this feature, simply head to the Job Posts main page where your candidate list is located.
To the far left of each candidate will be a box you can check. By checking this box a pop-up menu will appear on the right side of your screen.
The popup menu will have multiple bulk action options, and at the very top, you will see the ability to change candidates’ Statuses.
Select the Status you’d like to assign and follow the prompts to send the attached email if one is included.

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