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Candidate Applications

To find the application and edit it after you’ve created your job post:
1) Choose the job post in which you’d like to edit your application.
2) Choose the “DEtails and edit button from that Job Posts main section.
3) Choose Application – the third option in the submenu
4) Choose the green Edit Application button on the far right side of the screen.

NOTE: Any changes made to these settings will affect only the current Job Posting

Creation of Applications

  1. Choose the “+ Create Job post” button from either the main Dashboard or the Job Posts menu section of Discovered.
  2. Follow the steps on job creation outlined in that section of the Knowledgebase
  3. Step 3 in the Job Post creation process will be the Application section
  4. Below are the available options & explanations of them to customize the application form during creation or after.

Sending Application

There are 3 options to choose from.
1) At the time the resume is received: An automated email will be sent to the candidate
2) Manually: This is the default setting and will allow you to choose the “send application” button inside the candidate’s profile
3) On a certain status: This option allows you to choose a specific status you’d like to automated email to trigger on.

Mandatory, Optional, or Off Fields

There are 3 types of options to choose from
1) Mandatory: The candidate must fill this field
2) Optional: This field will appear for the candidate but they are not required to complete it
3) Off: The field will not show on the candidate’s application form.

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