Are you missing out on talented candidates because of tunnel vision?

Too many companies, of all sizes, take a narrow view of talent — hunting for permanent employees only, when there are so many other workers who might be an ideal fit.

Total talent acquisition lets you pinpoint exactly what you need to meet your talent acquisition goals. It’s the perfect solution to a talent shortage in your organization. Total talent acquisition brings together HR and Operational leaders to help you find the right people for the job — whether those are traditional full-time employees, half-time or part-time staff, temp workers, or even 1099 contractors.

Fill Jobs Faster, With High-Quality Candidates

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What is Total Talent Acquisition?

Total talent acquisition (TTA) is a talent acquisition solution focused on hiring top candidates in all areas of your business. TTA typically involves coordination between different functions (particularly HR and business operations) to identify talented permanent, contract, temporary, and contingent workers.

Benefits of Total Talent Acquisition

Total talent acquisition has a number of key benefits for your organization, helping you bring on board more talented workers while also cutting your costs.

Create a Bigger Candidate Pool

By being open to different worker classifications, especially with more Americans wanting part-time work, you can significantly expand your candidate pool, giving you far more hiring flexibility. TTA lets you step outside the recruitment box, considering not just job seekers looking for full-time employment, but also contract workers, part-time, or temp employees who combine to fill your business needs.

Hire More Talented Workers

The most talented job candidates don’t always fit the 9-to-5 mold. In fact, 63% of experienced workers prefer flex work. So if you’re not using a total talent acquisition mindset to include those workers in your search, you’re eliminating more than half of your experienced talent before you even press “start” on your recruitment process.

Reduce Hiring Costs

Done well, total talent acquisition can reduce your cost per hire by letting you draw from a broader talent pool. For instance, hiring a single remote worker instead of a full-time in-house employee who needs to relocate could save you $72,627. And hiring a contract laborer is faster and cheaper for an HR team than sourcing and onboarding a full-time employee.

Reduce Your Wage Bill

Not all roles require a full-time employee. In fact, American employers are spending an estimated $100 billion/year paying workers for “idle time.”  By opting for a part-time employee instead, you can instantly cut your wage bill (and reduce your spending on benefits too).

Remote workers also tend to be less expensive in the long run, and contract labor comes without all the extra payroll costs of full-time staff. In fact, hiring contract vs full-time employees can save you up to 30%.

Scale Up or Down More Easily

By making use of temps and contingent staff where appropriate, you can quickly increase your workforce. You can also easily downsize during slow periods without the cost of mass layoffs. Letting contingent or temporary workers go means you’ll avoid the damage to morale and 12% drop in productivity of laying off full-time employees.

Compete With Larger Companies

Big companies have the money and reputation to attract the cream of the crop. But total talent acquisition levels the playing field by offering perks like part-time employment and remote work. You can also bring on board highly talented contractors for key projects, without needing to pay them an eye-watering full-time annual salary.

Total Talent Acquisition Best Practices

Want to use total talent acquisition in your business? Here are some key best practices to keep in mind.

  • Get clear about your business needs. Make sure you know what each role requires and whether it needs to be full-time, or whether a part-time or contingent worker might be a better fit. This level of insight demands a closer collaboration between HR and business operations than with traditional hiring.

  • Use the same technology for all recruitment. A single robust and flexible candidate recruitment management tool eliminates the back-and-forth of trying to integrate multiple hiring platforms for different worker classifications. Discovered – Performance Hiring Software removes 90% of the time from your hiring workflows, and is easy for all business areas to adopt.

  • Avoid “silo” departments in HR and procurement. Different departments need to work together seamlessly for effective total talent acquisition, so all parties understand the job requirements for open roles, and how different types of workers might (or should not) be used to meet them.

  • Make your hiring process as efficient as possible. That might mean using RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or the power of AI to create candidate-nurturing content.

Discovered – Performance Hiring Software Lets You Acquire Top Talent Fast

Whether you’re using a full total talent acquisition strategy or adopting elements of that model, Discovered – Performance Hiring Software is here to help. With Discovered’s powerful tools at your fingertips, you can acquire top talent faster than ever.

Discovered lets you quickly create compelling job ads (with the help of the powerful built-in AI) and push them onto dozens of job boards instantly. Customizable pre-employment assessments make it easy to screen and assess candidates, and the automated interview scheduling and reference-checking tools save countless hours for busy hiring managers.

You can even use Discovered to set up and run a full employee referral program, helping you find incredible candidates: 88% of employers say that employee referral programs are the best source of applicants.