The Hire Talent will soon be offering a tool that uses ChatGPT for hiring to save you a whole lot of time and effort during the hiring process.

What used to take months — squeezed in around all your other work — can now take just minutes. This tool will cut your HR and recruiting time by 90%.

You’ve probably already considered using ChatGPT in your hiring process. But the issue is: most HR teams are already maxed out with day-to-day work. So, where can you find the time to spend the dozens or even hundreds of hours you’ll need to spend to use AI in your hiring efforts?

Well — The Hire Talent is doing that that legwork for you, integrating ChatGPT into the hiring process to deliver high-quality:

  • Job descriptions
  • Job ads
  • Candidate scorecards
  • Interview questions
  • Employee referral content
  • Candidate outreach emails
  • Skills tests
  • Career pages
  • Recruitment marketing materials
  • Offer letters
  • Onboarding checklists 
  • Training materials
  • Performance management
  • Employee Surveys 
  • And more! 

Meet with our hiring coaches today to see how AI can slash 90% of the time from your hiring process. Start filling jobs faster right away — with 10x higher quality people.


ChatGPT for hiring

What Is Discovered – Performance Hiring Software?

Discovered – Performance Hiring Software is an AI-driven tool that helps you with every step of your hiring process. It can write job descriptions and job ads for you, come up with detailed candidate scorecards and related interview questions, and deliver world-class pre-employment tests.

All the hiring materials you’ll generate almost instantly with Discovered are custom-tailored to your organization.

How Discovered – Performance Hiring Software Will Transform Hiring

Most HR teams spend countless hours each week generating a Deloitte-worthy mountain of content for their hiring efforts. Discovered’s Performance Hiring Software will start with your company and job opening details, then create and input customized prompts, delivering all the HR content you need in minutes instead of days.

The tool is currently being integrated into Discovered’s existing features list to deliver hiring content like job descriptions, interview questions, and skills tests tailored to your open roles. Once you’ve hired that ideal candidate, Discovered can also help you give them the efficient, tailored training they need to start contributing fully to your team as quickly as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at all the ways Discovered’s AI tools will revolutionize your hiring process.

  • Saves time. You’ll spend just 30 minutes on your hiring process vs days, weeks, vastly improving your chances of making a good hire the first time.
  • Screen candidates. A detailed candidate scorecard lets you figure out if it’s worth moving forward with an applicant. Your scorecard will be laser-focused on the skills and attributes they need to excel in the role. Using Discovered, you can create a scorecard in just a matter of seconds.
  • Writes customized interview questions. Not an expert in the role you’re hiring for? Most hiring managers aren’t. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out what to ask (and worrying that you’ll miss a vital question), let Discovered’s ChatGPT recruitment tools come up with the expert-level questions you need.
  • Runs your social media hiring campaign. The AI power of Discovered’s performance hiring software can get your social media campaigns up and running faster. Instead of spending weeks or even months creating content to market roles on a mass scale, you can do it in just minutes.
  • Helps with training and onboarding. Getting the training and onboarding process just right is vital. That starts with having a simple plan you can use to onboard the candidate, with goals associated with their development in the early days. You can also get a full checklist of onboarding tasks to bring new hires up to speed fast.
ChatGPT for hiring

Benefits of Discovered – Performance Hiring Software

Discovered’s performance hiring software can tackle a whole range of hiring-related tasks for you. Whether you just want to kick-start your hiring process with a fantastic job ad or you’re excited to free up as much time as possible, here’s what Discovered does.

1. Writes Your Job Descriptions for You

How much time do you spend writing a job description for a single role? If you’re like most, you spend 1-2 hours, including listing bullet points, getting feedback from current team members, and rewriting over and over (while worrying that you’ve missed a small but crucial detail). Yet attracting best-fit employees starts with a well-crafted job description.

Discovered’s AI-integrated hiring tool can write accurate, SEO-optimized, compelling job descriptions for you in just minutes.

2. Creates Job Advertisements

An effective job ad should be concise, and should paint a compelling picture of what it’s like to work in the role and at your organization. Too many HR teams agonize over including every detail, then create a job description that doesn’t spark interest among job candidates.

The Hire Talent’s AI hiring integration can pull content from your website and create an incredible advertisement that gets talented people excited about working with your company. As a bonus, the job ad will be 10x better than what your competitors are using and it’ll instantly and dramatically increase the volume and quality of job candidates you get.

Plus, using Discovered means you can instantly blast that job ad out to all the major job boards: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and more.

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3. Delivers Candidate Scorecards

A candidate scorecard is a trusted tool that can help you take the guesswork out of hiring. But creating one can be a challenge, starting with writing a list of job competencies and including cultural notes, preferred responses to interview questions, and red flags to watch out for.

Discovered’s ChatGPT hiring platform can quickly create job-tailored candidate scorecards to evaluate your applicants for the exact qualifications you’re looking for. You’ll make it easy to compare your candidates based on the specific skills and attributes you’re after, so you can be confident you’re making the right hire.

ChatGPT for hiring

4. Writes Interview Questions

Job interview questions are one of the best tools you can use to evaluate your candidates. But your evaluation process is only as good as the questions you use. Discovered with ChatGPT lets you instantly create incisive interview questions that fit seamlessly with your candidate scorecard.

When it comes to delivering the interviews themselves, Discovered can automate your scheduling too, moving your applicants through the hiring process in days, not weeks.

5. Creates and Executes Your Employee Referral Campaign

Want to put together a world-class employee referral program — complete with all the materials you need — in just minutes, rather than in months or years? Employee referrals let you tap into untouched talent, so letting Discovered’s ChatGPT recruiting check this task off your to-do list can make a huge impact.

Let us deliver the perfect prompts — tailored to your HR team and company — to give you the content you need. We can deliver program objectives, rewards, and instructions for program rollout — all spelled out in deep (yet succinct!) detail.

ChatGPT for hiring

6. Writes Your Candidate Outreach

Effective candidate outreach emails should be personalized, warm, and conversational. You can find plenty of good templates online, but the trick is updating them so they fit with your organization and the open role, while at the same time creating a connection with your candidates.

The Discovered ChatGPT integration can write candidate outreach email text for multiple scenarios, from a warm and engaging initial approach to a follow-up when a candidate hasn’t responded to an offer.

7. Creates World Class Assessments

About 80% of employee turnover comes from making poor hiring decisions. Yet pre-employment tests have been proven to improve hiring efficiency, decrease turnover, and reduce the risk of making a bad hire.

The problem isn’t that employers don’t know they should use pre-employment tests. It’s that those tests are often difficult to implement in your hiring process.

Discovered’s performance hiring software integration will let you access skills tests custom-tailored to your specific job roles and even implement them for you. We supply a wide range of testing content, from a short list of questions to ask during a screening interview to a full test you can administer before scheduling a second round.

8. Crafts a World Class Career Page

An effective company career page should make an emotional connection with your candidates. It has to deliver a clear, accurate representation of your organization’s value in an engaging way.

But crafting a career page like that takes work — or it used to. Discovered lets you build an engaging, info-packed career page fast, complete with compelling content that gets top talent excited about working with you — in seconds.

ChatGPT for hiring

9. Creates Recruitment Marketing Copy

Writing recruitment marketing copy that does the job can be a hair-pulling exercise. Copy that works is concise with a distinctive style, and starts with a deep understanding of the audience.

Want to attract top talent with customized recruitment marketing content you don’t need to write yourself? Discovered’s ChatGPT integration can do it for you, with the unique style of your choice and based on specific audience parameters.

10. Writes Offer Letters

The perfect job offer letter email needs a descriptive, catchy subject line, engaging hook, and key info about the position, but it also needs to cover your bases legally.

Your offer letter should also make a great impression on your chosen candidate. So — take the stress out of this crucial hiring task by letting Discovered’s ChatGPT recruitment tools handle it for you. Just input a few key details and your offer letter will be ready to send.

11. Organizes Training and Evaluation

All jobs take time to master. Even for the fearless organization, creating effective materials for training and evaluation can take up a McKinsey-sized chunk of your available hours. Discovered can take the pain out of evaluations with a results-driven employment performance management system that’s built in seconds through the power of AI recruiting.

ChatGPT for hiring

How Discovered – Performance Hiring Software Works

When your goal is to cut the grunt labor from your hiring process, Discovered – Performance Hiring Software can help. It automates your most time-intensive HR tasks, creating hiring content that doesn’t feel like the product of automation.

It takes the time out of learning to use AI in your recruiting efforts, so you can spend more of your time on higher-level HR tasks.

Here’s how it works:

You input your data, including simple things like:

  • Your company name
  • The job title you’re hiring for
  • Required skills

Then, Discovered comes back with reports containing:

  • Job descriptions detailing exactly what a candidate will need to excel in a particular role
  • Outreach and response text, saving you hours of time writing LinkedIn messages or emails
  • Candidate ratings that rank candidates against key criteria
  • Dozens of other hiring deliverables, custom-tailored to your organization, the roles your hiring for, and other parameters like desired tone of voice, style, and legal guidelines.


Using Discovered’s AI recruitment software integration is like having a dedicated team of hiring-expert copywriters dedicated to your talent acquisition process. Instead of spending long hours writing and rewriting everything from job descriptions to offer letters, you can let Discovered handle it all for you.

You’ll be able to attract top talent effortlessly — and you’ll have your pick of qualified candidates who are the perfect match for your candidate scorecard, and who’ll quickly contribute at the highest level