Although the talent acquisition process has remained the same, the recruitment process has radically changed in the last decade. Employers are continually learning that traditional recruiting methods are not as effective as they once were.

Traditional recruiting methods include newspaper advertisements, physical job board postings, face-to-face job fairs, and utilizing the local employment office. These methods are no longer as successful as they once were because they are both time-consuming and expensive.

Companies are still using traditional methods but have found another successful method: social recruiting. This type of recruiting is oftentimes referred to as social media recruiting.

What is Social Recruiting?

Social recruiting is the process of recruiting and connecting with potential candidates through social media platforms. The most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn but several other platforms are growing in popularity.

Does this method work? Yes, social recruiting works and is quickly becoming the preferred method for recruiters. Over 96% of job seekers use social media when job searching with 49% of professionals following companies on social media so they can stay aware of job opportunities.

Benefits of Social Recruiting

Each method of recruiting will have varying benefits. The following are the benefits of social media recruiting.

Increases Job Visibility

Facebook has 2.96 billion users with Twitter coming in at 450 million users. That is an incredible amount of potential candidates on only two platforms. Twitter has the ability to host job search chats and Facebook allows companies to post multiple jobs for free. Both platforms can share your company’s information with millions of ideal candidates all with a few clicks.

Improves Quality of Hire

Social media allows for posts to reach a targeted audience. When you reach a targeted audience you will receive responses from high-quality candidates that are looking for long-term placements.

Better Employer Brand Awareness

Social media recruiting is great at recruiting employees online but it is also an excellent way to share your employer brand! When you post content regularly, you allow potential employees to understand the company culture and brand which encourages candidates to apply.

More Employee Referrals

Social media is an easy way for employees to share the company’s openings. This tends to increase employee referrals substantially because a friend will see the post, start a conversation with the employee, and the employee can refer the friend to work. Some companies have a referral program where the current employee will receive a bonus if the new hire stays for a certain amount of time.

Engages Employees

You can engage current employees with ease by posting employee spotlight content, polls, and even by posting positions. When a new position comes available, you may already have an employee that would be an excellent fit working for you. When they see the job description, they can start a conversation with you about potentially moving into the new role.

Reduces Cost to Hire

Effective social recruiting can greatly reduce the cost per hire because the majority of social media platforms are free to use at a basic level. Attending job fairs and running advertisements in the newspaper are costly methods whereas social media can reach the masses at little to no cost.

Opens Door to Engagement

When you regularly post on social media you open the door to engagement. You will gather more followers and encourage interaction. This may be through comments or private messages. Posting content that encourages engagement is an excellent way to find top talent that is interested in your industry.

Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Social recruiting can be accomplished manually and passively. As recruiters, we love a well-automated system! When you have a list of positions that need to be filled, it is best to formulate a plan before the position goes live online. Below are a few social recruitment strategies to consider.

Use the Right Platforms

It is important to determine your goals before you lose yourself in various recruiting methods that may be a waste of time. Over 92% of employers use social media to hire but it is imperative to know which platforms will render the desired results.

If you are hiring for a skilled, professional position then LinkedIn will be the most effective way to learn about the candidate’s previous experience. However, if you are looking for a graphic designer you may want to stick to visual platforms like Pinterest and Tik Tok where they will have the freedom to create.

Facebook is wonderful at getting an idea of how candidates wish to present themselves to strangers and can oftentimes help decide if a candidate would be a good fit for your company. The list goes on and on with the key concept being that you need to know which platform to use and when to use it.

Consistently Engage Social Audience

The majority of social platforms will allow you to schedule when a post will go live. This is especially beneficial for busy recruiters who need to consistently engage their social audience.

Take some time each week to create and schedule posts so that you are not losing time each day thinking of content. It is best to post a variety of content from blog posts to employee spotlights. The possibilities are endless!

Make Applying Easy

The goal is to have an efficient talent acquisition process from start to finish and making that process easy can seem daunting. A good rule of thumb is to make job listings and descriptions as detailed as possible. Explain what the candidate will be expected to do each day.

Another way to make applying easy is to utilize social media. You can use social networks to post job applications that can be shared repeatedly. It is best to review the application regularly to ensure that links are working properly and that it is not overly cumbersome.

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