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My Profile

From anywhere in the Discovered system, you can choose your profile menu – Signaled by seeing your personal icon & Name. Generally, this is in the top right corner of your screen but may appear in the middle depending on your screen resolution.
Once you’ve selected this option, use the dropdown to select “My Profile”

From here you’ll see your personal information, email settings, and calendar settings at a glance.

To edit these settings, first, choose “Edit Profile”

Personal Info

Here you can change…
– The email address associated with your account. *NOTE: Changing this will change your username to the new email provided*
– The name, phone, and position associated with your user information.

Change Password

From here you can set your new default login password. You can choose the “Eye” icon on the right side of the typing fields to make your password visible/invisible if needed.

Email Settings/2-Factor Authentication

By default, a 2-factor authentication is set on new devices and via email.
However, you’re able to change the frequency of this to
Always: Will ask every time you log in
On new devices: When the device you’re attempting to log in using appears different to the system.
Don’t use 2-step verification: you will never be asked for a verification code to log in.

You can also change the Method by which you’ll receive your code. Either through Email (default) or Text. If you select Text you will be prompted to enter a valid cellphone number.

Email Sending Address: This is where your email integration can be found/verified. If you see that you’re using a generated email address it is recommended that you choose the “assign email” option and follow the provided instructions to allow the use of your actual email address. This will improve deliverability to your candidates.

Signature Settings

Here you can create a signature for yourself that will be added to any emails sent that include a signature token. This section includes basic editing/formatting tools as well as the ability to include JPG/PNG/GIF/WEBP files.
NOTE: Your signature is specific to your account. If you have multiple accounts you’re managing, you will want to create an appropriate signature for each one.

Schedule Meeting & Calendar Links

Here is where our calendar integration will take effect. You have 2 options available.

Use your own: By selecting this option you can include a scheduling link created in an outside application such as Calendly. By putting the link here, you’re able to use the scheduling link token in any interview invitation emails sent to candidates to generate your scheduling link.

Auto Generated: Despite the name, this option won’t automatically generate a calendar link for you until you’ve integrated your email address. The option is directly below the box and follows very similar instructions to integrate your email address. Simply follow the prompts and connect your calendar.

Meeting Details: Once the integration is complete you can start to input your meeting details. Details are explained below.
1. Location: This will appear on the calendar as the event location. Zoom links, physical addresses, and phone numbers are all examples of acceptable info to put here. You may also use the Token option to include any number of other dynamic contact methods.
2. Meeting Name & Meeting Description: These again will be shown on the calendar and be used to give any additional instructions to the candidate if needed.

Availability Hours: This will be the section where you choose the times and duration for your interviews
1. Default Meeting Duration: Choose how much time to allot for the interview
2. Time Zone: Make certain that your time zone is correct. NOTE: You can type in this field to quickly narrow the search for the appropriate timezone.
3. Default Meeting Buffer: Allow set gaps of time between meetings to address any breaks you may need or overage from interviews.
4. Set your availability hours: These will be the days you’re available and the times you’re available on those days.
NOTE: Because the calendar integration reads your calendar, you will not have to worry about double-booking any meetings during these times.
5. Welcome Message: This is the message the candidate will see inside the link when choosing a time to meet with you. If you have special instructions or just a warm welcome, place it here.

Meeting Reminders: This is where you can choose to send reminders prior to the interview.
1. Add Reminder: You can add additional reminders as needed.
2. Send Reminder: Once added, type in the numeric value and choose a time allotment to trigger the sending.
3. Automatically send reminder: Create your message for the candidate. NOTE: By default, this area is blank and will need to be filled out, otherwise the candidate will receive a blank message.

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