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Adding Candidates Manually

  1. From either your Dashboard or the Job Posts section of the main menu, choose the job you wish to add your candidates to.
  2. Once you’re inside the Job Post main screen, you will see a number of options to the right, one of which is + Add Candidate
  3. Choosing this option will bring up a menu with 3 options

Upload Resume
Choosing this option will bring up the Choose File button and inform you that you can choose either PDF or Microsoft Doc style formats to upload candidates. You have the option to either drag and drop resumes into the section or use the Choose File button. After you add your resumes choose the Import Candidates button to complete the import.
– You can Bulk Upload resumes, it is recommended to only choose 20-25 at a time for the best efficiency.
– If you have a resume that won’t upload there are usually 2 reasons. First, a PDF file won’t upload because it was scanned as an image. This can be discerned if you open the PDF resume and cannot highlight any of the words inside. Second, the file is too large. This is very rare but if a candidate has attached images to the resume for whatever reason, it can trigger this.

Choosing this option will have you type in the candidates’ name and email address as required fields with the phone number being optional. You can also add a file that you’d like to set as a resume.
This is a good option if you have a resume that the system won’t parse because it was scanned as an image. Or if you don’t have the candidates’ resume and only their contact info.

Upload CSV
Choosing this option will give you the largest bulk upload capabilities. You cannot upload resumes attached to the CSV this way. However, you can upload the candidates’ basic information of Name, Email, and Phone number. This is a great option after a hiring event when you’ve gathered a lot of contact information. Or for uploading existing employees to be used in the talent grader or testing for custom benchmarks.

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