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“First let me start by saying how impressed I am with the work done by Discovered and the traction we finally acquired on attracting candidates after months of putting up goose eggs”


Tradewinds Mechanical

Struggling to find qualified Experienced HVAC Service Techs in a tight labor market? Unfilled vacancies costing your business valuable revenue?

It's time to change your hiring game. We've helped companies like The Mechanical Group hire top talent in less than 30 days, turning lost opportunities into business growth. 


Harness the power of our AI-driven hiring system to streamline your process, fast-track interviews, and connect with high-quality candidates.

With Discovered, you're not just hiring - you're building the future of your business.

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We recently teamed up with The Mechanical Group, a network of three HVAC service, repair, and installation companies based in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Austin.

Faced with the challenge of sourcing experienced technicians in red-hot labor markets, they were missing out on a whopping $210,000 per month in potential revenue.

But with the power of our Discovered Performance Hiring Software, we helped them hire 5 highly experienced HVAC Service Technicians in just 30 days.



The Mechanical Group had a fantastic Employer Value Proposition, guided by veteran leadership dedicated to their people. So how did we capitalize on this and deliver results quickly?

The answer is our FACT Driven Hiring System.

Incorporating the best practices of this system and leveraging the functionalities of our software, the team at The Mechanical Group could effectively convey their Employer Value Proposition to the right candidates, leading to fast and successful hires.


Introducing the Discovered Performance Hiring Software

To save the day!

With Discovered, the possibilities are endless:


1. One-Way Video Interview Tool: With our one-way video interview tool, we extracted employee testimonials in minutes, presenting The Mechanical Group's value proposition authentically.


2. Dedicated Hiring Coaches and Marketers: All our clients have access to expert hiring coaches and marketers, enabling them to convert raw video content into effective recruitment marketing videos within 24 hours.


3. Career Page Building Tools: Our software helped The Mechanical Group build an optimized career page that stands out, making them 10X more likely to be found by potential candidates.


4. Recruitment Marketing Playbook: Using our pre-built recruitment marketing playbook and one-way video interview automation tools, we generated powerful marketing messages, ads, videos, and career pages that significantly outperformed their previous attempts.


5. Job Board Posting: A single click distributed their job posts across all major job boards and hundreds of smaller ones, backed by a modest marketing budget. The optimized content brought immediate results.


6. AI Candidate Ranking: Our AI tools ranked candidates against job descriptions, allowing recruiters to focus on the best fit candidates.


7. Interview Scheduling Tools: Built-in scheduling tools expedited the interview process, reducing time from resume received to offer to as little as 5 days.


The Results: Fast Hiring, High Quality.

With our software, The Mechanical Group turned a critical challenge into an overwhelming success. They rapidly hired five top-notch HVAC Service Technicians, boosting their revenue by reclaiming lost opportunities.

Our solution's effectiveness lies in its ability to improve the speed and quality of the hiring process, all while reducing the time-to-offer to a competitive 5 to 9 days.


Are You Ready for the Same Success?

With Discovered Performance Hiring Software, you too can overcome hiring challenges and grow your business. Whether you want to build a world-class career page, write compelling job ads, or streamline the entire hiring process, our solution has you covered.

“The predictability of the assessment was just off-the-chart reliable.”

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MBX Systems

“The Discovered platform lets me collect all the data in one place. It gives us a good picture of who to hire.”

Jessica H. CEO

TheraTree Pediatric Therapy

Don't let your potential revenue slip away due to unfilled vacancies.

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