Email Integration

What will this app do with user data?

This app will gain access to a user’s email address in order to allow the user to compose
and send email messages to their job applicants.

How does this app
enhance user functionality?

The ability to communicate with job applicants via email is an essential feature for any applicant tracking system.

If the user chooses to not connect their email account with us:

  • Number 1

    Any emails that they send to their applicants from our platform will come from a generated email address that we are hosting, which significantly decreases the chances that the applicant will be receptive to the user’s outreach.

  • Number 2

    The user could copy an applicant’s contact information and send them a message directly through Gmail, but that would create an inconvenient user experience as the user would have to be frequently switching between our platform and their Gmail account.

  • Group 212

    Our app enhances user functionality because it allows the user to consolidate communication and management of their job applicants in one place, and it increases the likelihood of an applicant being receptive to the user’s messages.

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