Turn Your Job Description Into Job Advertisements

The Problem with most job descriptions

They are more about "us", and not enough about "you". They’re long on requirements and short on reasons.

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SHRM defines a job description as a “useful, plain-language tool that explains the tasks, duties, functions, and responsibilities of a position.” And it is a useful tool, particularly for Human Resources professionals. A job description, however, is not necessarily a useful tool for marketing your opportunities. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: recruiting is marketing.

Write an Effective Job

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  • Number 1
    Describe what an individual will be doing on a day-to-day basis and how performance will be measured
  • Number 2
    Break up the description into chunks with catchy headings
  • Number 3
    Use white space for readability
  • Number 4
    Help applicants fall in love with the job with key objectives

    The things this individual will have the opportunity to achieve with your company because that’s what’s going to make the job attractive to A-players.


Now that you’ve improved job description, you’re on your way to creating something that’s even more important in your recruiting process than a job description and that is a job advertisement.

Don’t get me wrong, job descriptions serve an important function. But they shouldn’t be used to market your job.

To attract good candidates, you MUST take the time to create job advertisements that speak to your target audience. Your ideal candidates. Your A-players.

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Job advertisement tells a story. It gives your ideal candidate something to get excited about. It describes your company culture. It talks about the candidate’s opportunity to grow their career and stretch their skills.

Job descriptions are used to describe all the details of a job. A job advertisement can be used to inspire a candidate to take action. That’s what you want your top candidates to do. Take action and move forward in the hiring process.

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    How To Write Job Ad That Attract A-Players

TYou don’t have to be Don Draper from Mad Men to write a job ad. But it’s helpful to think like Don Draper because he always looked at a brand or product from the point of view of the customer. If you keep your ideal candidate top of mind, you’ll find that job advertisements practically write themselves.

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    1. Identify Position In Your Ad

The first step in creating a killer job advertisement is understanding who you’re looking for. Define the objectives and expectations for the position, and determine how success will be measured. Ask yourself some questions.

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    2. Create Measureable Expectations

To help you accurately identify the position profile, create a list of measurable expectations. This allows you to brainstorm what this job looks like when done successfully and then allows you to organize these expectations in a way that sets the foundation for you to create a candidate profile of your ideal employee in this role.

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    3. Match To Your candidate profile

Your job ad should serve as a summary of what is expected on a day-to-day basis. A good job ad tells the story of a dynamic role, its responsibilities, and the benchmarks by which a person in this role will be measured or held accountable.

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    4. Consider Putting Salary range in your job ad

Today, more and more companies are electing to advertise salaries in their job postings. Job seekers are seeking more transparency in job advertisements. Including salary information also helps in the initial screening process.

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When You Write job ads the right way, You will attract A pool of A-Players

If your goal is attracting A-players to your job ads, the first thing you should do is define who an A-player is for your opportunity. Once you know who you’re actually looking for, then write job ads following the above steps.
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