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According to a report from Indeed Hiring Lab, job postings were “60.4% above February 1, 2020, the pre-pandemic baseline, after adjusting for seasonal variation.” With job postings on the rise and candidate pools shrinking, being smart about how you’re using job boards is more important than ever.

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Indeed is without a doubt the #1 job board, But technically, it’s not a job board. It’s a job search engine. As Indeed explains it, job boards are typically more focused on a particular industry, location, or job type, while job search engines like Indeed aggregate a wide range of job listings from thousands of online sources.

Job Search Engines vs

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Indeed goes on to point out other key differences between job search engines and job boards:

  • Employers typically post jobs directly to job boards, while job search engines index jobs from multiple online sources.
  • Job boards typically reach fewer candidates than job search engines like Indeed because the number of candidates visiting individual job boards is often smaller.
  • The costs of posting to multiple job boards can add up quickly. However, you can post a job on Indeed for free and choose to upgrade your post at a later date to get more visibility and unlock hiring features.

Do you need to post jobs on Indeed? Indeed, you do.

If Indeed is not your first choice for posting your jobs, perhaps it should be. In a survey conducted by Money, Indeed was ranked as the best overall job search site. First of all, it’s free to post, and it’s unlimited. Second, they spend lots of money on advertising, as evidenced by the above subhead. And third, because their platform enables you to reach 250 million job seekers.

There are a number of reasons why Money selected Indeed as the best overall job search site. To start with, “it’s very simple to use and users can filter job listings by location, job type, benefits offered, and others. Indeed also offers job seekers the opportunity to take skill assessments in a variety of fields.

The Best Job Boards for small businesses

My focus in this article is the top job boards for employers, as opposed to job seekers. When it comes to the top job boards, whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, the top 2 are still going to be Indeed and ZipRecruiter, although there are differences of opinion on which is #1. Since I work with small to midsize businesses, I’d like to focus specifically on the best job boards for small businesses.

Fit Small Business, which provides answers to questions from small business owners, did a nice piece on the “23 Best Job Posting Sites for Employers for 2022.” Let’s see what they came up with. For now, let’s just take a look at the best general job posting sites, and some of the reasons why, as ranked by Fit Small Business:

  • Number 1

    As Fit Small Business points out, ZipRecruiter uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to match employers with the right candidates. It connects all types of businesses with more than 30 million job seekers through the web, the ZipRecruiter mobile app, and email services by sending job postings to the top 100-plus job sites in a single click. It also works well with repeated postings (unlike Indeed).

  • Number 2

    According to Fit Small Business, Indeed is one of the most popular job posting sites because of its free unlimited job posting, pay-per-click (PPC) options, and sizable reach in terms of job seekers and businesses that use it. Employers can use sponsored posts to gain access to Instant Match and create a hiring campaign with a custom budget.

  • Number 3

    Glassdoor is a free job board offering salary tools. Glassdoor allows you to optimize company branding and access reviews and ratings from both its platform and Indeed. In 2020, Glassdoor and Indeed formed a partnership to provide clients with a wider audience of job seekers. Fit Small Business recommends that businesses use Glassdoor and Indeed together.

  • Number 4

    This is one that is definitely not as well known as the others but Fit Small Business includes it in their list because it’s a free applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows you to post an unlimited number of jobs.

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    CareerBuilder has been around a while. It is not as large as Indeed or ZipRecruiter, but it does offer some features that can make your hiring process easier. One of those features is background screening.

  • Group 257

    Monster is one of the original job boards. In fact, it started as The Monster Board back in 1994. Then, in 1999, it merged with Online Career Center (OCC) to form Fit Small Business calls Monster a mobile-optimized job posting site and a more expensive alternative to CareerBuilder or ZipRecruiter.

Niche Job Board Sites For Sales and Tech Candidates

There are many different niche job sites that businesses can use to recruit candidates in various specialized roles, like sales professionals and tech experts. Here are some of the top niche job boards as ranked by Fit Small Business:

  • Number 1 has more than 4 million registered clients and works as a job site aggregator by posting your sales jobs to over 200 job boards and social media sites.

  • Number 2

    This is a recruitment platform that allows you to post job opportunities and distribute them to both general and targeted dedicated career sites worldwide.

  • Number 3

    If your business needs to recruit tech professionals, you probably will want to use Dice, which has more than 10 million searchable candidates in its TalentSearch database.

  • Number 4

    Another great site to reach candidates searching for tech jobs is Mashable. Like Indeed, Mashable automates emails to alert employers of possible candidate matches.

  • Group 255

    This tech job board gives you access to its curated talent pool of tech experts actively looking for their next role. Employers are matched with prescreened professional candidates that fit their needs.

  • Group 257

    Monster is one of the original job boards. In fact, it started as The Monster Board back in 1994. Then, in 1999, it merged with Online Career Center (OCC) to form Fit Small Business calls Monster a mobile-optimized job posting site and a more expensive alternative to CareerBuilder or ZipRecruiter.

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    The TRIC Method

    For Leveraging Job Boards

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I hear this story quite a bit from business owners and hiring managers. They’re using all the job boards we’ve discussed, and then some. But they’re not happy with the results they’re getting. They’re not getting the volume of candidates they expected and/or they’re getting decent volume, but not the quality of candidates they need for their jobs.

There are simple techniques you use to improve your results from job boards significantly, without spending more money. In fact, if you use my method, you will likely be spending less than you’re spending now. And you’ll be getting much better results. I’m talking 5x, 10x, even 50x the volume and quality of the candidates you’re getting from job boards. What’s this secret method for improving your job board results? Well, it’s not really a secret, but there is a TRIC.

  • Untitled design (18)

    Titles that are findable

Use common titles that job seekers use when they’re searching for jobs. Once they’re on board, call them whatever you’d like. If you like Coding Ninja or All-Star Deal Closer as a job title inside your business, then that’s what you should use. If you have business cards, put a title like that on your business cards. But when you’re marketing your job, use the most common terms, like Software Engineer or Sales Representative.

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  • 2

    Remove the barriers

One of the mistakes employers make when posting their ads is making your candidates answer a bunch of screener questions. They want to shorten the time it takes them to go through resumes. Here’s a tip: Spend some time reviewing your resumes and use an applicant tracking system to process your candidates. High-quality candidates don’t want to jump through lots of hoops. Another mistake that’s made is creating too many steps in the process. If a job ad redirects candidates to a different website, you run the risk of losing those candidates. Remove the barriers that are standing between your business and your A-player candidates.

  • 3

    Invest in job ads

The two places to market your jobs are Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Indeed is the dominant job platform on the market today. But you can’t rely on their free postings. You have to go directly to the site and spend some money on paid ads. You’ll spend $300-$500 a month, but you will see a good return on your investment. For ZipRecruiter, use their premium job slots for the best ROI. You’ll spend a little more, around $250-$350 per job slot, depending on how many jobs you post. If you have a lot of jobs to post, you can get that down as low as $50.

  • 1

    Create compelling advertisements

If you’re posting job descriptions, hoping that someone is going to read your long, boring list of job requirements and get interested in applying for your job, you are wrong. Please stop doing that and instead, create a compelling job advertisement that paints a vivid picture of the role and what it does for the organization. Be sure to address the 3 C’s: Culture, Compensation, and Career growth. These are the things your A-player candidates are looking for in your ads. After reading your job advertisement, you want your top candidates to be inspired, not tired..

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This TRIC works like magic.

By using the TRIC method, you’ll see an immediate, measurable, and dramatic increase in the volume and quality of candidates you’re getting through job boards. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not really a secret. It’s just what we’ve discovered by studying the data. But trust me, if you follow each of these steps, you’ll see that this TRIC works like magic.

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