3 Steps to Attracting the Right Candidates

You Though you had just hired an a-player.

They looked on paper, and on Zoom. They said all the right things, had the right qualifications and seemed to understand the expectations of the job. But as soon as you bring them on board, things start to go downhill.

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The reason why so many companies make hiring mistakes is that they’re not attracting the right candidates. Some feel that the process of finding and evaluating candidates just takes too long and is too complex. They need people yesterday, so they take a generic approach to recruitment marketing. Or they forget that recruiting is marketing, and they need to get the right messaging out to the right audience.

Your candidate just does not seem to be the right fit for your organization and your company culture. As a result, they are not a top performer. In fact, they’re underperforming, and it’s costing you money. And they will likely not be staying long, it’s going to cost your company even more.

By following three simple steps, you can dramatically improve your ability to engage with top candidates and start building a pipeline of A-Players.

  • Number 1

    Write Your Story

The first step is to hold a mirror up to your company. Take a good look at what you’re all about because that’s going to help you attract talent to your team.

Define who you currently are as a company now and who you want to be tomorrow. Reexamine and rearticulate your mission, vision, and values. Create your employer value proposition. Doing this involves more than gathering your leaders in a room and deciding what your mission should be. To be effective, this task should involve input from employees across your organization.

  • Number 2

    Sell the opportunity

This is when you start thinking like a marketer. But when you’re trying to recruit talent, you should always be thinking like a marketer. Glassdoor has some data on that, too. According to their data, “86%” of HR professionals surveyed indicated recruitment is becoming more like marketing.”

Personally, I think recruiting has always been like marketing, but now more companies and HR professionals are getting on board with this idea. As the talent market continues to get more competitive, recruitment marketing will become more and more of an absolute necessity.

  • Number 3

    Tell the World

Once your story is written, you need to get it published. There are many channels to get your recruitment marketing strategy out there, but you can start with the big two: job boards and employee referrals. These are the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to market your opportunities to start building a talent pipeline.


You can also be your own head hunter

Some specialized roles may require the use of a headhunter to attract the right candidates. But that doesn’t mean you have to hire a headhunter. You can do it yourself, by tapping into the resume databases of sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. LinkedIn offers a number of good headhunting tools, beginning with LinkedIn Recruiter. They also offer a “lightweight recruiting tool” called Recruiter Lite, as well as a sales targeting and outreach tool known as LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Being your own headhunter just means using some of the tools that these job platforms are offering employers. You can also use advanced sourcing techniques and manage your candidate outreach with some good hiring software. Finally, if it makes sense for your business, you can employ a dedicated in-house recruiter whose sole focus is the recruitment of specialized talent and A players.

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Attracting the right people can be as easy as 1-2-3

If you’re having a tough time making the right hires, take a closer look at the way you’re attracting candidates to your open positions.
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By attracting a pool of candidates that are good fits for your company – people who are aligned with your company culture – you’ll be in a better position to make the hires you need. And you can do this by following the 3 steps of writing, selling, and telling:

  1. Write your story: who you are and what you are all about.
  2. Sell the opportunity: because recruiting is marketing.
  3. Tell the world: use all the channels to market your jobs.
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