Bad Hires, High Turnover Suffocating Your Business?

Stop spinning your wheels and wasting your cash.


If you are struggling find high quality people because:

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    Tight labor market

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    Not enough skilled and experienced people in the construction industry

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    Too reliant on expensive Staffing agencies and contingent recruiters

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    Chaotic hiring process

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    Inconsistent hiring results

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    High turnover

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    Overwhelmed HR

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    Don’t have time to do the work needed to find the person

One or all of these are causing your managers to make desperate hiring decisions

You don’t have a repeatable process to consistently produce high quality hires.


You currently have two options to solve this problem, neither are ideal...

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    Do it yourself internally:

    That is not working. Too much effort and falling short.

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    Hire staffing and contingent recruiters to do it for you:

    Costly with lackluster results.

Your business is growing and you have processes that work for most everything else in your business, but not for hiring.


Option #1

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    Supported by hiring expert coaches:

    Start hiring better immediately.

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    Recruitment Marketing tools built right in:

    Connects with all the major job boards.

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    Candidate assessment tools to automate hiring decisions:

    Never make a bad hiring decision.

Starts as low as $299 per month

Option #2


Unlimited Hires for 1 flat monthly Price

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    Internal Team Integration:

    We operate as your in-house recruitment team. No training required!

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    Full scale Recruiting:

    Cold outreach, Advertising campaigns management, Internal Referral programs, Social Media marketing. All included.

  • Construction_Graphics-13

    Over 40+ Candidate Assessment tools included to never make a bad hire again.

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    Focus on Quality:

    Hiring managers meet with only the highest-quality candidates.

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    Expert Experienced Team:

    A 3-person team with over 19 years of combined experience.

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    Create a Real Employer Brand:

    We Expertly create and represent your employer brand.

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    Process Implementation:

    Installing a formal, repeatable Talent Acquisition Process.

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    Leadership Training:

    Best in class interviewing and employee selection techniques.

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    Hiring Solved:

    Completely removing Talent Acquisition challenges from your workload.

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    Less expensive than hiring a full time employee, paying for ad’s and buying all the tools required to get the job done.

Unlimited Hires for 1 flat monthly price

Starts as low as $4,900 per month no contracts 

Better quality Hires, FOR LESS, done faster... For your growing Construction Business

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