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“The platform has streamlined all the applicants that come in. We’re able to organize them and see what stage they’re at. The platform saves us tons of time by helping us organize all the candidates.”


Specialty Veterinary Pharmacy

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We're thrilled to see you're interested in exploring Discovered, our AI-powered hiring software. We can't wait to show you how we can streamline your hiring process, from attracting top talent to ensuring your new hire’s long-term success within your organization.


Remember, Discovered is more than just an applicant tracking system.

It's a comprehensive, automated solution that brings together the power of AI, intuitive design, and expert consultants to solve your toughest hiring challenges. With Discovered, you'll find the right people faster and keep them engaged longer, all for less than the cost of your daily latte!

"The assessments are awesome. They are a wonderful objective measure of something quite hard to assess by any other means. I expect to use it for every hire going forward."

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“The Discovered platform lets me collect all the data in one place. It gives us a good picture of who to hire.”

Jessica H.

CEO TheraTree Pediatric Therapy

"I’ve been able to review many more applicants in a short amount of time. So we’re able to select higher-quality candidates."


Commercial Real Estate

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