Improve your hiring and find the best candidates

Find your new hiring platform solution custom-made for your company’s needs


AI-Driven Hiring

With our comprehensive, AI-powered software, we make recruiting, assessing, and retaining top talent easier than ever.


Full Suite of Tools

Create compelling job advertisements, nurture candidate relationships, and have effective performance management, Discovered has got you covered.


Proven Results

We've already enabled our clients to generate over $643 million in revenue through improved hiring outcomes and reduced turnover.


  • LP-DATS-02

    AI Job Ads

    Create compelling job ads and descriptions in second with Kingsley, our AI-powered hiring expert.

  • LP-DATS-03

    Post Jobs Instantly

    Advertise your openings instantly on the world's top job boards.

  • LP-DATS-04

    Personalized Career Pages

    Our system instantly crafts a professional and attractive career page.

  • LP-DATS-05

    Social Media Recruitment Marketing

    Our system automates social media recruitment marketing content creation.


  • LP-DATS-06

    Automated Candidate Engagement & Follow-Up

    Keep candidates in the loop with automated text and email messages.

  • LP-DATS-07

    Candidate Pool Nurturing

    Nurture your candidate pool effectively with customizable workflows.

  • LP-DATS-08

    Expert Assistance

    Need more support? Our Recruitment Marketing implementation experts are on hand to level up your recruitment game.


  • LP-DATS-09

    Built-In Assessments

    Use 30+ built-in assessments to evaluate potential hires on a wide range of factors.

  • LP-DATS-10

    Custom Skill and Knowledge Tests

    Let Kingsley AI instantly create skill tests to measure the most precise abilities in your candidates.

  • LP-DATS-11

    AI Resume Screening

    Watch as your AI assistant, Kingsley swiftly identifies the most suitable candidates.